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Shoulder Injuries While Working

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Costs associated with a shoulder injury include both medical expenses and lost wages. And, depending on the severity of the shoulder injury in question, long-term disability may be involved if you are unable to return to the full use of your arm.

When tendinitis, bicep tenodesis, or a torn rotator cuff result in pain, weakness, and the inability to perform certain job functions, employers may ask an employee to file for workers’ compensation or FMLA (Family Medical Leave). You may be asked to see your company’s insurer’s doctor to verify your condition. If the insurance doctor believes your injury is due to a pre-existing condition, your benefits and injury claim may be denied.

At the law office of The Orlow Firm, we work with orthopedic specialists and arthroscopic surgeons in establishing the causal relationship between our client’s shoulder injury and his or her job. We work to hold employers accountable for abusive, intimidating techniques that are sometimes used to discourage injured workers from seeking damages and medical benefits.

On-the-Job Shoulder Injuries

The personal injury attorneys at The Orlow Firm represent clients in shoulder injury cases involving the following:

  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Broken collar bone
  • Torn shoulder muscles
  • Torn ligaments

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