3-car accident causes injuries, stops traffic for hours

An auto accident involving multiple vehicles can lead to injuries among those involved, while also halting traffic for an extended period of time. This is particularly true when the accident occurs on a busy interstate or during rush hour traffic.

A recent accident on the New Jersey Turnpike involving a dump truck, charter bus and car left four people injured. Additionally, traffic came to a stop in the northbound lanes for several hours.

According to State Police, two women, a 28-year-old and 66-year-old, were trapped inside their vehicle as a result of the accident. Subsequently, they were forced to wait for firefighters to rescue them. Both women were transported to Capital Health Regional Medical Center where they are listed in stable condition. The two other people involved in the accident suffered minor injuries as well.

Reports indicate that all three vehicles were traveling northbound at approximately 9:30 a.m. when the dump struck collided with the car, which caused the car to strike the charter bus. The dump truck also collided with the bus. When police arrived, the car was in the center lane facing west with the dump truck and charter bus in the right lane.

The turnpike was closed at approximately 9:40 a.m. and did not open until 3:30 p.m. This led to a backup of several miles. At this time, the cause of the accident remains under investigation and no charges have been filed.

Although multiple people were injured, the damage could have been worse since there were nearly 50 people traveling on the charter bus. This is an example of a chain reaction accident that often times leads to injuries, death, and long road closures. Fortunately in this case, nobody was killed and the majority of people walked away unscathed.

There are many such accidents every day in New York, too. Those who are injured in car accidents due to the negligence or recklessness of another can seek compensation through the civil court system. Some of the possible claims include those for pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional distress and medical expenses. Personal injury attorneys can advise victims and their families of their options.

Source: NJ.com, “Three-car accident halts northbound N.J. Turnpike traffic in Hamilton for hours” Alex Zdan, Oct. 18, 2013