Car kills teens, injures another at street fair

Sometimes, a car accident involves only one vehicle. In other cases, the end result is several vehicles colliding with one another. And of course, there are situations in which a vehicle hits into a pedestrian.

At a recent church street fair in Yonkers, New York, an out of control car struck and killed a 15-year-old girl. At the same time, a 12-year-old was seriously injured and is currently in critical condition. According to police, the 15-year-old and 12-year-old girl, along with two others, were injured when a Jeep ran into them at Coyne Park at approximately 9:15 p.m.

Police noted that the driver of the vehicle was leaving a parking lot when he collided with three other cars, along with the group of teens. A witness added that the driver was out of control and it appeared that he was trying to hit people as well as anything else in his way.

Every year, the St. Paul the Apostle Roman Catholic Church holds an annual outdoor fundraiser. Unfortunately, the end result this year was a disgruntled driver who intended to cause as much damage and harm to those in attendance as possible.

After the accident occurred, the driver of the vehicle remained at the scene. At this time, there is no additional information on whether or not charges will be filed against the man.

This type of car accident can be one of the most difficult to understand, since there does not appear to be any reason for the cause. The driver was not on the open road or moving at a high rate of speed. Instead, he decided to simply run into anything in his way. It is important for pedestrians, just the same as drivers, to always be on the lookout for danger and to know that if tragedy strikes, legal aid is there to recover damages.

Source: New York 4, “Out-of-Control Car Kills Teen, Injures 12-Year-Old at Yonkers Street Fair” No author given, Oct. 14, 2013