Charges against Lindsay Lohan dropped after pedestrian accident

There may be some credence to the opinion that those with wealth and power can get away with nearly everything after it was announced that Lindsay Lohan would not face criminal charges after she allegedly hit a man with her car in New York City. Lohan, who has had considerable legal problems in the past, including several car accidents, will face no punishment for her apparently negligent driving.

There may be a way, however, for the injured pedestrian to recoup some of his losses from the starlet. Regardless of how famous a negligent driver is, he or she can be held liable in civil court for injuries resulting from a pedestrian accident. Unless a pedestrian has put him- or herself in harm’s way, it is the driver’s responsibility to look out for pedestrians and to give them a wide enough berth when passing by. Whether the driver is an average New York City resident or a world-famous celebrity, that responsibility stays the same.

Lohan’s most recent accident happened outside of a Manhattan night club. The 34-year-old pedestrian had left work at a nearby hotel and was walking near an alley adjacent to the Dream Hotel when Lohan turned from the street into the alley. Her Prosche hit his knee, said the restaurant worker, sending him to the hospital. It is not entirely clear how serious his injuries were.

Instead of stopping and waiting for police, however, Lohan apparently kept driving. She had originally been charged with leaving an accident scene, but it is apparent that police were able to track her down.

Lohan has certainly had her fair share of driving-related incidents in the past and it does not look like they have ended after her move to New York. She may soon find herself embroiled in personal injury lawsuits, however, if she continues to injure pedestrians.

Source: The Associated Press, “Lohan won’t face charges in alleged NYC car scrape,” Jennifer Peltz, Oct. 22, 2012

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