Construction Injuries at a Glance

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Hazards posed by construction sites include exposure to noise, dust and other chemicals, working from high elevations and in confined spaces, working with power tools and other mechanical equipment, exposure to electricity and performing excavations. More information on the specific types of injuries suffered by construction workers is provided below.

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Common construction site injuries

  • Falls — Falls are the most common source of injury and death for construction workers. While the greatest number of falls occurs from ladders and scaffolding, construction workers also suffer serious injuries and die in falls from roofs, buildings, openings in structures, and stairs and steps.
  • Electrocution — Construction workers also are at risk for injury and death from electrocution or other electricity-related injuries, such as electric shock and burns. These types of injuries are not only caused by contact with power lines and other sources of high voltage. Construction workers also can be injured by contact with faulty wiring, broken light bulbs or other equipment in contact with an electric source, like a ladder.
  • Cave-ins — Construction workers involved in excavation work face the possibility of cave-ins. General contractors should take precautions before the excavation project begins to limit the possibility of a cave-in from occurring. For example, OSHA standards require employers to create a support system designed to protect workers from the hazards created by the specific type of excavation work, the environment of the site, such as soil type, water flow, climate and other factors.
  • Other injuries — Construction workers also face injury from a number of other sources, such as defective machinery and tools, bodily and head injuries from falling objects, and illnesses from ingesting silica-based dust, asphalt fumes and other chemicals, among others.

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