Case Study: Damages Awarded to Client Struck by a Car

Verdict: $183,269

Case: Edsley Harding v. Linda Brill, No. 151022/12

Court: New York Supreme

Judge: Nancy M. Bannon

Date: 6/8/15

In 2011, Edsley Harding was struck by a motor vehicle while he was walking across the road at a crosswalk. The incident left harding with injuries to his back and left knee.

In addition to receiving physical therapy for his injuries, Harding also underwent knee surgery in 2012 to repair the damage.

Harding enlisted in the help of The Orlow Firm’s Adam Orlow to represent his case against Linda Brill, the motorist in the accident. Attorney Orlow contended that the injuries Harding sustained not only prevented him for continuing to work, but also left him with lingering pain.

Attorney Orlow sought recovery of past lost earnings, damages for future loss of household services, and damages for past and future pain and suffering.

Judge Bannon established that Brill was liable for the accident. The jury found that Harding sustained a serious injury, and the court’s awarded Harding damages totaling $183,269.

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