Families speak out regarding nursing home abuse accusations

Although most nursing home facilities truly care about the well being of each and every patient, the same cannot be said across the board. Our New York readers are familiar with local nursing homes that have not lived up to expectations, and this happens in other states as well.

Several North Carolina families are speaking up about what they consider abuse and neglect at nursing homes throughout the state, doing business under the name Brian Centers.

In addition to many complaints by family members, the Department of Health & Human Services has looked into allegations of nursing home abuse at these facilities as well. Last year, inspectors documented a variety of issues including failure to follow doctor’s orders as well as failure to provide proper care for hygiene.

Taking things one step further, a news station in the area reviewed hundreds of Medicare records in more than 20 Brian Centers in the state. As a result, they found numerous quality of care issues.

One employee, who did not want to be named by the news station in fear of losing her job said, “The conditions…it wasn’t good at all.” When an employees speaks out in this manner it doesn’t bode well for the facility.

It is a shame that loved ones have to worry about nursing home abuse, but this is the case in states throughout the country. Despite regulations and regular inspections, issues can arise from time to time.

Anybody who feels a loved one has been treated wrongfully can consult with a personal injury attorney with experience in this area of the law.

Source: WSOCTV.com, “9 Investigates: Families accuse local nursing facilities of abuse” Kathryn Burcham, Jan. 31, 2014