Family accuses nursing home of abuse

Nursing home abuse is a crime that is committed time and time again in states throughout the country. Regardless of location or the extent of the abuse, there is no reason this crime should ever take place. Unfortunately, it is an issue that ends up harming both the victim, as well as their family.

Although our New York readers may not know the first thing about the nursing home industry in Missouri, most people realize the seriousness of abuse. The family of an 86-year-old woman is claiming their mother was abused by staff in a west St. Louis County facility. According to a family member, the woman’s eye was closed shut after what the nursing home said was nothing more than a bad fall.

However, the family does not believe what they are hearing from the nursing home. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that the woman’s nose and cheekbone were broken, along with bruising to her eye. Additionally, the family received conflicting reports from the nursing home as to where and how the accident occurred.

The nursing home issued a statement in which it noted the situation is currently being investigated. At this time, the facility is sticking to the story that the incident appears to be an accident rather than a case of abuse. The family, however, has filed a report with the local police department.

As sad as it sounds, nursing home abuse does happen. Anybody who believes a loved one has been abused by a nursing home staff member should pursue the matter. That can include seeking criminal charges against the abuser or compensation through a civil claim.

Source: KMOV, “Family believes 86-year-old mother was abused by nursing home” Jasmine Huda, Nov. 08, 2013