Former inmate files lawsuit related to prison guard abuse

Even for those who have never spent a single night in jail or prison, it is easy to understand that this is not easy to deal with. Unfortunately, the situation can be even more stressful when prison guard abuse is running rampant.

No two prisons are the same, but the way inmates are supposed to be treated is similar throughout the United States. For this reason, our New York readers can learn a lot from a lawsuit filed by a woman regarding her treatment at a Birmingham, Alabama, work release center.

During her time at a Birmingham work release center, the woman claims she was sexually abused. As a result, she is suing the state. According to recent statements by the woman, the time she spent at the facility was nothing short of a nightmare. She claims she was afraid to sleep, but also afraid to stay awake as she never knew when she may run into the guard who was abusing her.

The lawsuit claims that in 2011, upon arriving at the facility, she was sexually assaulted and sexually harassed by a prison guard. On top of this, he attempted to rape her on multiple occasions. Making matters worse is the fact that she reported rapes to the warden, a woman, who noted that nothing could be done to solve the issue.

Despite the fact that the guard was eventually transferred to another facility, the woman claims that the harassment continued. She stated in the lawsuit that the man visited a hotel where she worked and raped her multiple times.

When a person is sent to prison, he or she is expected to serve time for the crime committed. However, there is no reason why they should be subjected to abuse from prison guards. Those who have been abused by guards have a right to seek compensation for various damages.

Source: Fox 19, “Lawsuit alleges prison guard raped former inmate” Sherea Harris, Nov. 05, 2013