Fourth of July car accident injures four, leads to DUI charges

A man from Bronx, New York, has been summoned to appear in Edgartown District Court on charges of driving under the influence. This is due to a serious accident on the Fourth of July that led to injuries sustained by four people.

The accused was driving a 2006 Audi that sped past one vehicle, struck another and eventually crashed into a 2002 Dodge Ram taxi van.

According to police, this all happened at approximately 5 p.m. on Meshacket Road.

Fortunately for those involved, an off duty Oak Bluffs police chief was driving an unmarked vehicle in the area at the time of the accident. When the accused sped by the officer, he radioed to others in the area to alert them of the situation.

When Edgartown police officials first arrived on the scene, they took the time to treat the driver of the accident. At the same time, a West Tisbury emergency medical technician helped one of the rear seat passengers. The accused was taken to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital along with one rear seat passenger. Another passenger, also sitting in the rear seat, was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

The driver of the taxi, along with his passenger, suffered injuries related to the accident.

The accused was later questioned at the hospital after being read his Miranda rights. The police report states that when asked if he knew how fast he was traveling, the accused responded “I don’t know.” From there, he admitted that he had been drinking and driving.

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