Grandmother allegedly abused at Bronx nursing home hospitalized

When a New Yorker has to send a loved one to the nursing home, it is a tough decision to make. There are many people who wish they could take care of their family members themselves, but bringing a family member to a nursing home may be the only option for some people, as they lack the necessary medical training to properly care for a loved one. Because it is hard enough to decide on using a nursing home, it is often important for people to know their family members will be safe and well-cared for in the nursing homes they ultimately choose.

Sadly, not all nursing homes are safe, as one Bronx woman learned after she says her grandmother was abused while living at a nursing home in the borough. The 89 year old’s granddaughter suspected that something was happening when she noticed her grandmother had bruises and marks on her hands and arms, but she had no proof of what was going on until she decided to hide a camera in her grandmother’s plant.

The over 600 hours of video that she has will likely serve as evidence in the younger woman’s lawsuit against the nursing home. The video apparently shows a 55-year-old nursing aide grabbing her grandmother by the arm in an effort to lift the elderly and frail woman from the bed. The aide allegedly twisted the grandmother’s arm and shoved her back into the bed, as well. Within a day of watching the video, the granddaughter requested that her grandmother be sent to an emergency room. From there, she was eventually transferred to a new nursing home.

Although the original nursing home has fired the nurse’s aide that appears in the video that does not mean that it will escape liability. The granddaughter has filed a nursing home abuse lawsuit against the facility and it remains to be seen whether she will be successful on behalf of her grandmother.

Source: ABC 7, “Woman says grandmother abused at nursing home,” Feb. 15, 2013

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