Granny cams becoming legal in some states

Although it should never be a problem, nursing home abuse is a concern for many patients, as well as their families. While most facilities do whatever they can to ensure the wellbeing of the patients in their care, this is not always the case.

With this becoming a growing concern, many states are beginning to permit residents in long-term care facilities to install surveillance cameras in their room. In addition to New Mexico and Texas, Oklahoma recently became the third state to make this practice legal. Additionally, no fewer than five other states have considered this over the past couple of years.

At the present time, New York is not one of the states that legally allows patients to setup surveillance, however, there is always a chance that this could change in the future.

The primary holdup in many states is questions surrounding liability, including privacy rights. Believe it or not, family members are not the only people who are relying on “granny cams” to ensure that their loved one is safe in their nursing home or long-term care facility.

Last year, the New York state attorney general’s office demonstrated such methods at a national training program for investigators. In Ohio, the state attorney general noted earlier this year that they had placed cameras in some residents’ rooms, with the families permission, which led to at least one facility being shut down.

With concerns about nursing home abuse on the rise, patients’ families are beginning to consider their options. Anybody who feels that a loved one has been abused in a nursing home should contact the authorities. There may also be a possibility of compensation for injuries and other claims for damages.

Source:, “‘Granny cams’ capture abuse in nursing homes” Jan Hoffman, Nov. 19, 2013