Have Construction Accidents In New York Increased?

Construction Site Accidents Increase

Working at a construction site can be a stressful, dangerous job. Accidents are very common — falling debris accidents and accidents with ladders are a reality when working in construction.

Any construction site in New York City, so long as it’s construction on a structure in New York state is subject to the construction laws whether it’s a two-story structure, being built in Brooklyn somewhere or a hundred story skyscraper in Manhattan. They are subject to the same legal requirements. So long as it’s a construction site, so long as there is a structure that’s being worked on, and so long as it’s not a one or two family dwelling.

Defending Your Rights After An Accident

If you have been injured in an accident at a construction site, you need an attorney who will fight for your rights, and get you the recovery you deserve. The NYC construction accident attorneys at The Orlow Firm are knowledgeable, dedicated, and ready to take on your case. Call (646) 647-3398 to speak with a lawyer.

Transcription: The Daily News recently had an article that said that there was a 37 percent increase in accidents at construction sites last year. You know it doesn’t surprise me. I see these cases all of the time. I have many clients who have been injured at construction site accidents and as much as I see it frankly I am still surprised by the amount of owners and contractors who do not comply with construction site safety requirements. There are very strict requirements in New York for the way work is supposed to be conducted at a construction site.

There’s a lot of safety precautions that are supposed to be taken all with the intention of protecting the workers. They are people who build the buildings of New York City and they are vulnerable all of the time because it’s very dangerous when you are working with things above your head, when you are working at heights, when you are working with very large objects and heavy objects. These people are vulnerable on a daily basis when they go to work.

So there are strict laws in effect to try to protect them and I see time and time again that owners and general contractors who are required to comply with these laws do not comply with them. I see it almost every time frankly a client comes into my office that has been hurt at a construction site, I go through the facts with them, I find out what happened, I do the investigation, I speak to whatever witnesses are there, I got through the incident reports that may have been produced and it’s almost every time as a result of some violation of some safety law or some safety procedure by the owner of the general contractor that has caused that incident to take place.