Helping Victims of Expressway and Parkway Accidents

Driving through Brooklyn and Queens, it is hard to miss how poorly maintained many of our busiest expressways and parkways are. Unfortunately, these conditions, coupled with busy traffic, make many of these roads likely spots for serious accidents.

For victims of parkway and expressway accidents, put your trust in the personal injury lawyers of The Orlow Firm. Our attorneys routinely handle all types of serious motor vehicle crash cases throughout New York City, helping our clients recover the compensation they need when they are suffering from injuries that keep them out of work.

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Helping Pedestrians, Drivers and Passengers Hurt on the Area’s Busiest Roads

Whether you get behind the wheel or are walking, you should not have to fear being hurt in an accident due to negligent drivers or poor road conditions. We frequently see accidents occurring on roadways such as:

  • Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
  • Grand Central Parkway
  • Long Island Expressway
  • Belt Parkway
  • Jackie Robinson Parkway

Many of these roads are constantly under construction, meaning drivers have to navigate around sudden lane closures, workers and heavy machinery. They are also filled with pot holes and cracks, and are slippery when raining or snowing.

Just like with any other car accident, our lawyers can determine the cause of your accident and the best way to recover maximum compensation. In the case of parkways and expressways, that includes taking legal action against New York City or New York State for unsafe conditions if necessary.

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