Majority of police brutality complaints uninvestigated

Although police brutality can be a major concern in areas throughout the country, many complaints are not investigated to the fullest extent. As a result, the victim of the crime is left without any answers.

Many of our New York readers spend time following the news in New Jersey, making this story one worth reading.

According to a published report by the Courier News and Home News Tribune, 99 percent of all police brutality complaints in central New Jersey are left uninvestigated. While this may not hold true throughout the rest of the state or in other parts of the country, it goes a long way in showing that this can be a concern.

The report notes that between 2008 and 2012, citizens filed hundreds of complaints for brutality by officers in more than 80 police departments throughout the region. While this is interesting enough, the real news is the fact that only one percent of these complaints, which is seven percentage points below the national average, were investigated by internal units staffed with this responsibility.

In most cases, the police departments either exonerated the accused officer or simply dismissed the complaint, stating that they did not have enough evidence to move forward. Over the past year, several high-profile cases of police brutality in the state have made national headlines.

Regardless of the circumstances and whether or not a crime was committed, there is no place in the United States for police brutality. Those who have been treated wrongly by police have the right to contact a personal injury lawyer who can help protect their rights.

Source: The Huffington Post, “99 Percent Of Police Brutality Complaints Go Uninvestigated In Central New Jersey: Report” No author given, Jan. 07, 2014