Man awarded $560,000 for false arrest

Over time, the legal system in the United States has been proven effective. That being said, there are cases in which police officers, as well as other authorities, make mistakes. As a result, it negatively impacts the life of another person.

A false arrest is nothing to take lightly, as it means the person who finds himself in trouble with the law should not be in this situation. A Brooklyn jury recently awarded $560,000 to a man who claimed New York City police, dressed in plainclothes, falsely arrested him. As a result, the man spent 13 months in prison while he waited for his trial to begin.

According to three officers, the accused man dropped a black bag on Oct. 2, 2009. Inside the bag, police say they found 18 bags of cocaine along with a handgun. However, an attorney for the man argued that the contraband was actually recovered from an informant.

Although the man was awarded $560,000, this does not change the fact that he had to spend more than a year of his life in prison. Along with this, a lawyer for the city has noted that police are standing by their officers and feel that the jury in this case made the wrong decision.

Even though police do their best to act in a fair and accurate manner, this is not always the way things work out. As a result, false arrests can and will happen from time to time. Anyone who has been falsely arrested should consider speaking with an experienced attorney to see what his or her legal options are.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Brooklyn jury awards man $560,000 in false arrest” No author given, Dec. 18, 2013