New York City to pay $11 million to former officer

Police officers from one side of the country to the other put their life on the line, day in and day out, to ensure that the public is protected. However, there are times when an officer is injured in the line of duty due to the negligence of a third party.

A former New York City police officer is set to receive $11 million from the city as the result of a 2006 car accident in which he was permanently disabled. The accident happened when he was a passenger in a patrol car. While responding to an accident, the driver sped through a stop light at 55 to 60 mph, subsequently colliding with two vehicles.

Last summer, a jury determined that the city is responsible for the man’s injuries, however, attorneys for the city challenged this ruling. Recently, a Manhattan judge upheld the decision of the jury.

According to the man, he told his partner to slow down two times before the accident. He did not listen, but instead sped through a red light. As a result, the patrol car was hit by a van and then crashed into a cab.

Despite the fact that the city continues to consider all its options, a judge has determined that the injured officer should receive the money awarded to him.

This type of car accident resulted in serious injury due to the speed at which the vehicle was traveling, as well as the negligence of the driver. Fortunately for the injured man, a jury awarded him $11 million, and a judge upheld this decision. It may take an appeal by the defendant in order to have a verdict in favor of the plaintiff upheld.

Source: New York Post, “City to pay disabled cop $11M in squad-car crash” Julia Marsh, Apr. 16, 2014