New York mother files lawsuit against fast-food chain

A New York mother has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Wendy’s International Inc. and Westbury Properties, LLC, two months after being seriously injured at a local fast-food location. The mother and her 11-year-old daughter were leaving the Williston Park Wendy’s when the pair was pinned to the wall of the restaurant by the vehicle of an elderly driver. The victims’ legs were crushed during the accident resulting in multiple fractures and medical treatment.

Today, the daughter is able to walk again; however, the mother is still confined to a wheelchair months after the incident. Recently, the mother has filed a multimillion dollar personal injury lawsuit against Wendy’s and the elderly driver in hopes to gain fair compensation for damages suffered from this life altering experience.

Beyond the driver’s negligence, the woman’s lawyer states that the restaurant was also negligent in their safety precautions, installing curb stops and signage only after the accident occurred early last December. Wendy’s issued a statement of regret after the incident but could not comment on the specifics regarding the pending lawsuit.

Personal injury lawsuits or claims are filed by victims injured at the hands of another’s negligence. The mother, who fears she may never walk again, is seeking fair compensation for her suffering that she believes is entitled to her by law. Personal injury victims may seek compensation for items including lost wages, past and future medical expenses, as well as damages for both physical and emotional pain and suffering. If you or someone you know has been harmed by the careless actions of another, consulting a New York personal injury lawyer may aid in preserving your rights and gaining rightful compensation.

Source: CBS Local New York,”Wendy’s Named As Defendant In Lawsuit Filed By Injured Mother, Daughter,” Feb. 11, 2013