New York officer charged with police misconduct

There is no denying the fact that police officers provide protection to people from one side of the country to the next. However, there are instances in which an officer does not live up to his duties and instead, makes a mistake that impacts society as a whole.

Recently, a 25-year veteran of the Suffolk County Police Department was arrested for targeting Hispanic drivers during traffic stops. According to authorities, the man went as far as stealing from these people in some instances.

The man pleaded not guilty on two misdemeanor charges, which included official misconduct. If he is convicted of this charge, the man could find himself removed from the force. The investigation began when a relative of an alleged victim contacted authorities last year.

A sting operation was setup to determine if the officer was breaking the law. A car was equipped with video and audio equipment, while an undercover Hispanic officer was driving. The video shows the man taking a $100 bill from an envelope.

At the time of his arrest, the officer was earning $175,000 per year. Since then, he has been forced to surrender his gun and badge.

Police misconduct is not common, but this does happen from time to time. In this case, it appears that a man was targeting a specific group and then stealing from them whenever possible.

Being a victim of any sort of police misconduct can be scary. This is why many victims of this crime hire an experienced attorney to represent them in court while protecting their rights.

Source: NBC New York, “Long Island Police Veteran Accused of Targeting Hispanic Drivers in Traffic Stops: DA” Greg Cergol, Feb. 01, 2014