New York Police Department looking into alleged misconduct

Although most police officers will do whatever it takes to protect the public, there are times when these professionals cross the line. As a result, a victim is harassed, injured, or even killed.

A recent police misconduct story out of New York City has people from all over the country talking. A video of an African-American man being held by police has gone viral, being shared on social media time and time again.

In the video, the man is heard saying, “I have a bus ticket. I have an ID. Why are you still holding me?”

After two minutes of being held, the man attempts to stand up and this is when the struggle begins. Soon enough, at least four officers enter the scene in an attempt to bring him to the ground and place handcuffs on him.

The New York Police Department is aware of the video and is currently looking into the finer details of the incident.

This is an important story because people need to realize there is no place in the world for police misconduct or brutality. These officers should be living up to high standards. If misconduct occurs, it can have a negative impact on the victim as well as society as a whole.

Anybody who feels they have been treated poorly by police has the right to consult with an attorney who can protect their legal rights. Police misconduct can happen at any time, anywhere in the country. Knowing your rights can help you avoid additional stress as the result of such an action.

Source: HLN TV, “NYPD looking into ‘unnecessary roughness’ video” No author given, Feb. 25, 2014