New York scores poorly in nursing home care report

Every nursing home facility employee is expected to take care of residents like one of his or her own family. In some states throughout the country, poor care is more common than it should be.

The Families for Better Care’s Nursing Home Report Card showed that New York is one of the worst states in the country for nursing home care. In fact, it was one of just 11 that received an “F” grade in the report.

The director of Families for Better Care said, “New York represents what’s terribly wrong with nursing home care and oversight in America.” Those are harsh words for a state in which so many nursing home facilities are located.

The latest studies issued by the Long Term Care Community Coalition show that too many residents of nursing homes in the state are unnecessarily using antipsychotic drugs.

Adding to the problem in New York is the fact that the state does not have any minimum staffing standards, which is something that others have implemented. For this reason, nursing homes in New York are understaffed, which can lead to negligence and mistakes that can subsequently injure or kill residents.

Despite the fact that governor Andrew Cuomo claimed in the past to watch “like a hawk when it comes to the treatment and care of New York’s most vulnerable patients and will not tolerate the kind of disturbing neglect and abuse we’ve witnessed,” this has not been the case.

When somebody puts a family member in a nursing home, they expect that person to be cared for. When this does not happen, the person can be injured or killed, which often leads to a lawsuit and additional trouble for the facility.

Source: The Daily News, “APOV: New York faulted on nursing home care, oversight,” June 24, 2014