Notice of Claims — Things You Should Know

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When you experience a personal injury or lose a loved one in an accident in New York City, many legal steps need to be taken on your road to a successful bid for financial compensation. One important step is to file a Notice of Claim.

A Notice of Claim may have to be filed depending on the nature of the claim. For instance:

  • Were you injured by a police officer or other law enforcement official? A Notice of Claim needs to be filed, and every jurisdiction has its own rules as to where, specifically, the Notice of Claim must be filed. If it is filed it in the wrong place the Notice of Claim becomes invalid!
  • Were you injured in a car or truck accident or as a pedestrian? Notice requirements depend on who the other party is, i.e. a taxi company, a city-owned vehicle, a bus, a subway train or an 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle. A publicly- or quasi-publicly-owned vehicle will require a Notice of Claim.
  • Were you injured on dangerous property or by an unsafe product? Defendants and insurers must be identified and contacted. Again, publicly and quasi-publicly-owned property will require a Notice of Claim to be filed with the proper authority. Each public entity has its own requirement as to when and where the Notice of Claim must be filed before a lawsuit can be started!
  • Were you injured on the job? Accident reports must be filed with insurers and, perhaps, the workers’ compensation system must be notified

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