New Jersey man causes multiple injuries in car accident

When a person is callous enough to cause a car accident due to carelessness, it often leaves loved ones who were not injured with emotional scars, exorbitant medical bills and a loss of income while the victim recovers. Many times, the emotional turmoil doesn’t go away.

In Readington Township, New Jersey, a 21-year-old man was traveling at a high rate of speed and caused a horrific three-car accident on Route 202 on Thursday, June 22, at approximately 11:45 a.m. It closed the highway for approximately one hour.

The road remained closed so that emergency vehicles could arrive on the scene to assist in removing the victims from their vehicles. This caused a huge traffic snarl.

The young man, from Staten Island, New York, was traveling south and hit a vehicle. This car crossed the median because of being hit and entered the northbound lane of traffic where it struck a third car. This comes from the police report.

The car accident occurred close to the Glass Castle, a local window store. The 21-year-old was driving a 2011 Ford Fusion and was said to be speeding. He hit a 1996 Toyota 4Runner. Because of the great impact from the crash, the 4Runner crossed the middle of the road and ran into a 2001 Buick LeSabre that was driven by a woman from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. The driver of the Buick had possible fractures to both legs and might have a broken arm. She had hip pain as well. The driver of the Ford lost consciousness several times. Both he and the driver of the Toyota were taken to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. A passenger from the Toyota was taken by life-flight to Morristown Memorial Hospital because of a lower back injury. The driver of the Toyota was taken to Somerset Medical Hospital with minor injuries to one of his elbows.

The young man who was speeding was ticketed for reckless driving and unsafe lane change.

Source: Source: Hunterdon County Democrat, “Speeding caused 3-car crash on Route 202, Readington police say,” No author given, June 27, 2014

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New York scores poorly in nursing home care report

Every nursing home facility employee is expected to take care of residents like one of his or her own family. In some states throughout the country, poor care is more common than it should be.

The Families for Better Care’s Nursing Home Report Card showed that New York is one of the worst states in the country for nursing home care. In fact, it was one of just 11 that received an “F” grade in the report.

The director of Families for Better Care said, “New York represents what’s terribly wrong with nursing home care and oversight in America.” Those are harsh words for a state in which so many nursing home facilities are located.

The latest studies issued by the Long Term Care Community Coalition show that too many residents of nursing homes in the state are unnecessarily using antipsychotic drugs.

Adding to the problem in New York is the fact that the state does not have any minimum staffing standards, which is something that others have implemented. For this reason, nursing homes in New York are understaffed, which can lead to negligence and mistakes that can subsequently injure or kill residents.

Despite the fact that governor Andrew Cuomo claimed in the past to watch “like a hawk when it comes to the treatment and care of New York’s most vulnerable patients and will not tolerate the kind of disturbing neglect and abuse we’ve witnessed,” this has not been the case.

When somebody puts a family member in a nursing home, they expect that person to be cared for. When this does not happen, the person can be injured or killed, which often leads to a lawsuit and additional trouble for the facility.

Source: The Daily News, “APOV: New York faulted on nursing home care, oversight,” June 24, 2014

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Proof that texting and driving can lead to a car accident

Many people do not fully grasp the fact that texting and driving can lead to an accident. Even those who know that this is the wrong thing to do often make the mistake of thinking it is okay while they are behind the wheel. Texting while driving is reckless behavior. When that reckless behavior causes an accident and injures another party, the responsible party may find themselves liable for the victim’s injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

AT&T, in cooperation with the New York Department of Transportation, recently setup a machine at the Flatiron Building on Broadway and 23rd St. to prove that texting while driving can lead to a car accident in New York.

The person sitting in the simulator was staffed with the task of texting, responding appropriately to traffic lights, and traveling at the appropriate speed. The end result was astonishing, with each participant crashing every time.

According to one participant, it was a challenge to spell words correctly while still paying attention to the road. As a result, she focused more time on texting which caused her to crash. The woman said, “I was going to go back and try to respell a text message, but a car came out from the left and we T-boned.”

This type of simulator could go a long way in helping a growing number of people give up texting and driving. It often takes a first-hand experience to fully understand just how dangerous this activity can be.

The assistant DOT commissioner for education and outreach said, “We’re trying to educate the public in a very hands-on way that is not preachy.” With this simulator proving the dangers of distracted driving, it is safe to say that authorities in New York, with the help of AT&T, have made an impression.

Source: New York Daily News, “OMG! Manhattan simulator proves to participants texting, driving don’t mix” Taylor Hintz, Jun. 17, 2014

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Study: Hands-free devices are not a safer way to use phones

A recent study has bad news for Bluetooth users. The devices, which allow for hands-free driving, have long been thought of as a way to prevent drivers from being distracted. By eliminating the need for drivers to hold their phones or electronic devices, the theory went, drivers could focus on the road. Unfortunately, a new study suggests that hands-free devices could actually be more dangerous.

The study, by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, found that using the voice to send e-mails, update Facebook and other hands-free tasks actually requires more concentration. This need for greater concentration can cause drivers to scan the road less frequently. They may not see traffic lights, pedestrians and other things in front of them.

Researchers measured factors such as brainwaves in more than 32 students who took part in tasks such as talking on a cellphone and responding to voice-activated e-mails. Using cameras to record driver reaction time and a skull cap to chart brain activity, researchers measured how distracting these activities were. The results were consistent: Voice-commanded technologies provided the greatest distraction.

With nine million vehicles already equipped for these devices, and many more expected in the coming years, the AAA president sees a “looming public safety crisis.” He says it’s time to limit potentially dangerous distractions built into cars. AAA wants to explore ways to limit voice-activated technology to activities like using windshield wipers or changing the temperature.

More than 3,300 people were killed by distracted drivers in 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates. Another 387,000 were injured.

Source: The Day, “AAA study: When driving, hands-free does not equal risk-free,” Izaskun E. Larrañeta, June 13, 2013

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1 killed, others injured in New York car accident

It does not matter what part of New York you are driving in, there is always the chance of a car accident. Some people are involved in an accident due to their own negligence, but others are killed or injured when another driver makes a mistake on the road.

Recently, a man from Dansville was killed in a car accident near the intersection of Schuster Road and Route 256. The accident occurred at approximately 6 a.m.

According to Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputies, a 22-year-old man from Livonia attempted to pass a dump truck. While doing so, the man drove his vehicle into one driven by a 41-year-old man.

The driver of the second vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene, with the 22-year-old man suffering injuries. Two passengers in the vehicle that was struck, also from Dansville, were injured in the accident and taken to Strong Memorial Hospital for the treatment of injuries.

There is no additional information at this time as to why the man attempted to pass the dump truck, thus leading to the fatal accident.

Had the 22-year-old man obeyed the rules of the road, this incident would have been avoided. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of driving into the other lane, which led to the death of one man and injuries to two others.

The man who caused the accident was also taken to the hospital for treatment. In the near future, he will find himself answering a lot of questions from police as they attempt to determine what happened and whether charges should be filed.

Source: WHAM 13, “Dansville man killed in Livingston County Crash” No author given, Jun. 12, 2014

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