Patients left behind after assisted living facility is shut down

There is no denying the fact that nursing home patients, as well as their loved ones, expect to be treated with respect and the highest level of care at all times. The same holds true for assisted living facilities, which share many of the same goals.

Although our New York readers may not know much about nursing homes and assisted living facilities in California, this news story is worth paying attention to as it continues to develop.

The assisted living facility in question has been known as many names, including Valley Manor Residential Care, Valley Manor Community Care Home, and Valley Springs Manor. According to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, 14 patients were left behind after the state shut down the facility.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene became concerned with what was going on, as they found only a skeleton crew remaining to assist all of the patients. The rest of the staff had left, and there were not enough employees available to care for everybody in the facility.

Many of the patients left behind were elderly, some of whom were either in wheelchairs or bedridden. For this reason, they had no chance of caring for themselves or reaching out for assistance.

At this time, state officials continue to search for the owners of the facility. It goes without saying that the owners could be faced with time in jail for elderly abuse. Many relatives of those in the facility noted that they were unaware that their loved one was left without the appropriate care.

A story like this shows that some nursing homes and assisted living facilities do not truly care about patients. In this case, the owners left the facility staffed by a small crew that was not capable of handling the needs of each patient.

Source: NBC Bay Area, “Castro Valley Assisted Living Facility Shut Down, Patients Abandoned” No author given, Oct. 28, 2013