Police brutality report under investigation in Buffalo

There is no place in New York, or the rest of the world, for police brutality. People expect police officers to act within the legal limits of their job at all times, however, this is not always the way things work out.

The Buffalo Police Department is dealing with the aftermath of a video posted online that shows an officer kicking and hitting a man as he is in handcuffs on a sidewalk, lying facedown.

According to a spokesperson for the department, they became aware of the video last week. As a result, the Internal Affairs Division has been investigating the act under the direction of the police commissioner.

In the video, several officers are shown getting a man under control. After he was handcuffed and on the sidewalk, one officer kicks and slaps him.

While this type of police brutality is often overlooked, since nobody knows what happened, there are cases, such as this one, in which the incident is caught on tape. This video in particular was posted online to a Facebook page that encourages others to videotape encounters with police.

This story shows that even though most police officers know what they should and should not be doing, there are some who will cross the line if they are given the chance. While the Buffalo Police Department Internal Affairs Division continues to look into the finer details of the incident, others are wondering why police are able to get away with this and how many other times it happens when the cameras are not on.

Source: WHEC Rochester, “Video surfaces of alleged police brutality in Buffalo” No author given, Apr. 27, 2014