Police brutality still a problem after all these years

Anybody who pays attention to the news is aware that police brutality remains a big problem in many parts of the United States. Fifty years ago, a New York City police officer shot an African American man in Harlem, saying that the teen came at him with a knife. While nobody knows exactly what happened that day, what is clear is that this led to a variety of riots throughout New York City, as well as other areas of the country, including Philadelphia and Chicago.

The question of whether or not this should be considered police brutality is still discussed by many. Even then, the crime continues to be an issue throughout the country. From incidents in New York to Houston to Georgia, it is clear that what happened 50 years ago in Harlem has not changed much.

Police brutality is a national epidemic, not something that impacts only one area of the country. New York City may have been the location of one of the most talked about incidents of the past, but this crime stretches far and wide.

Unfortunately, police and other authorities often times have a difficult time differentiating between doing the right thing and going overboard, just because they have a little bit of power. Some are trying to do the right thing when they make a mistake. Others, however, seem to use any rationale possible to use excessive force on another party. This has led to lawsuits throughout the New York City area, as well as many other cities of varying sizes throughout the United States.

Source: MintPress News, “50 Years After Harlem Riot, Police Brutality Still A Concern” Frederick Reese, Jul. 15, 2014