Police chase leads to crash, leaves several injured

An overnight car chase through the streets of Rochester resulted in a multiple vehicle accident, leading to injuries sustained by five people.

The incident took place when a Rochester Police officer and a New York State Police trooper attempted to stop a vehicle in the area of Hudson Avenue and Roycroft Drive. The vehicle was being pulled over for several violations, including illegally tinted windows as well as a missing taillight. Unfortunately, when police turned their lights on the suspect began to flee the scene.

At this time, the vehicle traveled at a high rate of speed before eventually striking another car at the intersection of North and Alphonse Streets. The severe impact of the accident caused the suspect’s vehicle to roll over, which subsequently crashed into a nearby home. A third vehicle was involved in the accident when it was struck. Upon rolling over, this vehicle hit a parked car which had three people inside.

According to a representative for the New York State Police, troopers are responsible for considering a variety of factors before chasing a suspect. However, the chase and subsequent accident happened so fast that the trooper did not have time to call off the chase.

It is being reported that five people were injured as a result of the crash, with none of the injuries thought to be life threatening.

Two suspects are in custody as a result of the accident and conduct on the road. A loaded gun and drugs were both found inside the vehicle.

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Source: WHEC, “Police chase turns into crash, five people injured” No author given, Jul. 21, 2013