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Police misconduct and prison-related injuries

Police misconduct and prison-related injuries

There is no excuse for police misconduct, however, some officers cross the line when dealing with the public. Furthermore, and even more alarming, is the fact that some victims of misconduct have not committed a crime.

There are many laws associated with police misconduct and brutality, including the fact that you may only have 90 days from the incident to file a claim against the officer and police department.

Along the same lines as police misconduct, prison injuries are more common than they should be. Some of the most common types of prison injuries are as follows:

  • Negligent conditions that lead to accidents, such as a slip and fall or trip and fall.
  • Accidents while being transported from one location to another.
  • Inmate violence, in particular if a prison guard or other staff member could have prevented the action.
  • Denial of medical attention.
  • Prison guard abuse, such as beating an inmate or using excessive force.
  • Ignoring information that could anticipate a threat to an inmate’s safety.

While there is only so much prisons and jails can do to keep inmates safe, it is important that these facilities provide the proper accommodations to avoid cruel and unusual punishment.

If you believe you or a loved one have been a victim of police misconduct or suffered a prison related injury, you should take the time to learn as much as possible about the laws that govern these crimes. You can get started by reviewing our website, including the page dedicated to police brutality and excessive force cases.

We had a situation where my mother had been neglected in a nursing home and the injuries were appalling. The Orlow Firm comforted us, knew what steps to take and got us the justice we deserved for our mother. I will be forever grateful to them for their compassion and hard work.

- Very happy with the results!
by Jose Rodriguez on Queens Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

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