Queens man injured when hit by parked car

New York City and the surrounding area is known for being a dangerous place to drive or walk. Every day, accidents happen in and around the city that injure and kill drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

A Queens man was recently injured in an accident in which he was hit by a parked car.

According to reports, the driver of a Toyota was pulling out of a parking lot when he lost control of his vehicle. As a result, he struck a Buick, which then jumped the curb and hit the victim.

The driver of the Buick had just parked the car before the accident and had this to say: “I saw the blood there, he was lying like he was unconscious. All I saw was the car on top, and my mind was like … in shock to be honest.”

Immediately following the accident the man was transported to Jamaica Hospital.

The driver of the Toyota spoke with police, saying that the brakes failed to stop the vehicle. However, after testing the brakes numerous times, they could not replicate the problem. At this time, police are investigating the accident with no charges filed as of yet.

Some car accidents in the New York City area are minor fender benders with no injuries or deaths. Others are more serious, especially when a person is hit by a motor vehicle while walking.

Anybody injured in a motor vehicle accident where the other party acted in a negligent manner may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney about local laws and their legal rights.

Source: New York Daily News, “Queens man in critical condition after wild accident causes parked car to run him over” Rocco Parascandola, Oct. 18, 2014