Two caregivers in New York charged with nursing home abuse

Last Tuesday, two women charged with nursing home abuse were brought before a Long Island judge for reportedly beating an 88-year-old man who did not want to take a shower.

The daughter of the victim recently spoke out during a segment with CBS 2 news. She said, “They put a pillow on his face while one person was punching him.”

The abused man, a World War II veteran, was found beaten and lying on his bed in the nursing home. The man suffered from dementia, was almost deaf, and was bedridden.

The man was a patient at the nursing home until last year. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation late last year, during which time it was found that the abuse took place.

The caregivers, if you can call them that, apparently tied the victim’s hands above his head and repeatedly punched him. The two people charged with the crimes and at the center of the investigation are a personal care aide and a nurse. Both individuals have been charged with endangering the welfare of the elderly as well as assault.

The attorneys for the two workers said that no physical abuse took place, stating that they are hardworking individuals trying to do their job.

Despite the fact that the patient has since passed on, his daughter believes that by coming forward it will make people realize that nursing home negligence is very real and that loved ones need to watch out for common warning signs.

Schneiderman hopes that this case will show that nursing home abuse is not to be tolerated, setting an example for anybody else who may be breaking the law. If convicted, both women face up to seven years in prison. Should you find yourself confronting a similar situation, with a loved one’s health and safety being jeopardized at the hands of his or her caretakers, attorneys who specialize in representing the victims of nursing home neglect and abuse can confidently navigate you through this harrowing experience.

Source:, “2 Caregivers Charged with Brutally Beating 88-Year-Old Nursing Home Patient” No author given, Jun. 25, 2013