Warning Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Children

Do You Suspect Sexual Abuse?

Children who are sexually abused may try to keep the abuse a secret, especially when the abuser is someone they know. Children may be afraid they will be blamed or punished for the abuse. They may be afraid they will no longer be loved or that their family will break up as a result. This fear means that it can be difficult to know when a child is being sexually abused, but many children will display behavioral or other changes.

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Behavioral Changes After Sexual Abuse

Not all children who are victims of sexual abuse will show warning signs. According to one estimate, 40 percent of children do not have symptoms. Other children may have behavior changes or physical signs. According to the American Psychological Association and other organizations, children who have been sexually abused may develop:

  • Angry outbursts
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Sleeping problems or nightmares
  • Withdrawn behavior
  • Regressive behaviors. For example, some children could start wetting the bed or sucking their thumbs again.

Children may also show sexual knowledge or behaviors that are unusual for their age. They may be reluctant to be alone with a particular person. Bruises, genital pain or bleeding, rashes or cuts may also be warning signs of sexual abuse. Sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy can also be a symptom, especially in children under 14.

What To Do If You See Warning Signs

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