White Plains man seriously injured when crucifix crushes leg

Do you know what you would do if you were injured in a public place? Are you eligible for compensation if a store, an office building owner or a church failed to protect you from a serious accident? There are no easy answers to these questions; New York law is complex and it is important to work with a knowledgeable premises liability lawyer to explore whether a building owner is liable.

Premises liability lawsuits give visitors injured on a piece of property money to cover the medical costs associated with the injuries. It is this kind of lawsuit that a White Plains man has filed after a 600-pound crucifix fell on him from outside the St. Patrick’s Church in Newburgh, New York. He had been cleaning the cross when it came loose, knocking the man to the parking lot. The cross then fell on him, crushing his leg.

The man was flow to Westchester Medical Center in grave condition. When he arrived, it became clear that the damage was too severe to his leg and they were forced to amputate it below the knee. Over two years after the accident, the father of three is unable to work and provide for his wife and three children.

The church has said that it is not responsible for the falling crucifix or the man’s injuries. Though the church has raised $7,000 in donations for the man, it is hardly enough to cover all of the costs he has incurred and will continue to incur following this accident. Moreover, just because the church raised money for the injured parishioner doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be held accountable for allowing someone near a crucifix that was not securely anchored to the wall.

Source: Fox News