Who To Sue In A Sexual Assault Lawsuit?

Misconceptions On Sexual Assault Cases

Being assaulted is a traumatic event. Most victims, usually, will feel the need to see the assailant brought to justice.

A smart New York personal injury attorney, however, knows that there might be more to the case than meets the eye. Sometimes, assailants do not act alone. Or, there might be another person or entity who might be able to provide a better recovery for the victim’s injuries. Knowing who to go after is a key factor.

Transcription: It’s true that sexual abuse is very much in the news, not only in this last few months but this last few years. Primarily, we see the issue of clergy abuse involving children. But that is far from the only situation with sexual abuse unfortunately exist. It exist in a large variety of places and situations. It’s unfortunate because these are situations where children are usually thought to be safe and secure and it turns out that they’re not.

The problem in these situations is that it is very difficult to find out whether and if sexual abuse is taking place. You have children who are frightened or ashamed and will not speak about it. You will have a nursing home as individuals were incapable of speaking about it perhaps because of dementia all that conditions. Your threats often may to the children and those instances of even if you get to be to the older children, you’ll have situations where they won’t say anything. It becomes very important then for the regular caretakers of these individuals to make themselves familiar with the signs that exist that might tell you that sexual abuse is taking place.