Workers may be injured by storms and hot summer weather

As the temperatures rise, New Yorkers may be making plans to enjoy summer vacations and hot weather. For those who work indoors, summer weather is not a problem. But not all workers have the benefit of a ceiling and air conditioning to keep themselves cool. Many types of workers must be outside, and summer weather can be a source of illness and injury.

In recognition of this danger, the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) is making an effort to make outdoor workers aware of the dangers of summer weather. Heat and sun are the most obvious dangers. Without enough water, shade and rest, construction workers can suffer serious heat-related illnesses or even deaths.

Summer weather dangers are not limited to heat, however. Other weather conditions, including thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes and high winds, can also be dangerous for workers.

Many types of workers can be affected. OSHA points out that employees who work on airport runways, for landscaping companies and in many other job environments may need to be out in the elements.

To help prevent weather-related injuries, OSHA has developed materials to inform workers about heat-related illnesses. The agency has also created an application for mobile devices. It explains the heat index and the risk that workers may face as a result. It also lists ways workers can protect themselves at each level of risk.

If workers receive weather-related injuries or illnesses, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation or, in some cases, through a lawsuit against a third-party who contributed to the injuries.

Source: WEKU News, “New OSHA App meant to Keep Workers Cooler,” Stu Johnson, June 3, 2013

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