New York Lead Paint Laws

New York Lead Paint Regulation

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Since 1995, New York City, aided by strict laws protecting residents from the dangers posed by lead paint and other lead sources, has greatly reduced the number of child suffering lead poisoning. Over a 10-year period, lead poisoning among children declined by 82 percent.

General liability laws protect injured individuals’ rights to pursue compensation following the diagnosis of lead poisoning injuries. Additionally, New York’s Local Law 1 provides numerous safeguards, such as:

  • Requiring landlords to inform tenants of lead hazards
  • Providing for the inspection of apartments occupied by children under 6 years old
  • Providing guidelines and requirements regarding the legal removal of identified lead

Despite New York City’s effective lead paint laws, large numbers of adults and children continue to suffer from lead poisoning each year. In a recent year, almost 3,500 children in New York City were identified with elevated blood lead levels (BLLs).

Because lead poisoning can lead to serious injuries and even death, parents in New York must remain vigilant both in protecting themselves and their children from lead poisoning and in pursuing their legal rights if lead poisoning occurs. The attorneys of The Orlow Firm can help in all legal matters relating to lead poisoning. We bring a nearly 30-year trial history to each lead poisoning case we handle, and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injured clients.

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