Case Study: Queens Car Accident Lawsuit

Accidents happen all the time, and sometimes they happen when we least expect them. In situations like the ones we are about to share, accidents can happen while we’re on the road following the rules. In this particular case, our client Eugenia Cajigas was in a car accident in New York City. She and her friend were driving along a highway exit when a vehicle hit her car when clearly there was a stop sign in front of them.

Cajigas, a housewife living in the Bronx, was too surprised with what’s happened. She had her signal light on and was just checking the driveway to see if it was clear to cross, when the vehicle hit them. Her car sustained heavy damage, and all the while the driver of the other vehicle said he thought she was going to accelerate.

When she came to The Orlow Firm, we quickly set her up with one of our car accident attorneys. Our resident lawyer Brian Orlow made sure she was updated with her case, and offered free consultations. We make sure Cajigas felt comfortable every step of the way, as it is our job as practitioners in the legal field to protect the rights of our constituents.

Car accidents can be very tricky procedures, especially as there are multiple factors involved. Cajigas did not know what to do as this was the first time she was actually in an accident. Her records were spotless – she has a clean license and never hit anyone. The situation was very uncomfortable for her as she had no idea what to do.
As we told her, just because we’re not calling her back doesn’t mean we aren’t working with her case. Cajigas and our clients can call us anytime, and we will be very glad to answer your queries about your case.

Feel free to contact The Orlow Firm and speak with one of our car accident attorneys in New York City, as we are sure to provide you enough details for you to be aware of both your rights and responsibilities as a driver in New York.