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Attorney Referrals

The Orlow Firm welcomes and accepts referrals from our fellow attorneys. We follow the Rules of Professional Conduct and always honor all attorney referrals and make payment promptly. When you refer a client to The Orlow Firm you can do so with confidence knowing that we will go into all cases prepared to litigate on the client’s behalf. The Orlow Firm has the experience, resources and knowledge necessary to seek the maximum compensation for all of our clients. Our clients can expect the following from us:

  • Have their questions answered directly by an attorney.
  • Have all of their options explained to them.
  • Treated with respect, courtesy and professionalism by both our attorneys and staff.

Whether you’re looking to refer a case because you’re swamped, because personal injury is not your area of practice or because your practice doesn’t have the necessary resources to litigate the case, we welcome you to contact us and learn more about our attorney referral program.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys have experience handling the following types of cases:

About The Orlow Firm

Founded in 1981 by Steven Orlow, The Orlow Firm is a father and sons firm. Brian Seth Orlow and Adam Moses Orlow joined the firm in the late 90’s and eventually became partners. In every case, and with every client, we strive to provide quality, caring and honest service following our “three R’s”:

  • Respect for our clients
  • Responding to our clients
  • Representing our clients vigorously and consistent with the highest professional standards of the legal profession

Because of this philosophy The Orlow Firm has remained one of the top personal injury firms with offices in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan. If you’d like to learn more about our firm please visit our firm overview or give us a call at (646) 647-3398. Ask to speak to Brian Orlow and he would be happy to answer all of your questions.