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New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Sexual abuse is a traumatic and deeply personal violation that can have long-lasting emotional, psychological, and physical consequences. If you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual abuse, the legal system can offer you a way to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. At The Orlow Firm, we’re committed to helping survivors of sexual abuse find justice and regain control of their lives.

Key Takeaways

  • The Orlow Firm specializes in sexual abuse cases in New York City, offering personalized, compassionate legal services.
  • Understanding liability and the legal elements necessary for a sexual abuse case is crucial for success.
  • Various forms of compensation are available for victims, including medical bills, emotional distress, and more.

How The Orlow Firm Can Help You Maximize Your Case

At The Orlow Firm, our specialized team of New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers understands that your case is not just a legal battle; it’s a crucial part of your healing process. When it comes to seeking justice for sexual abuse, maximizing your case is about much more than just winning in court. It’s about ensuring that you receive the comprehensive care and compensation you deserve for the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma you’ve endured.

Navigating the legal intricacies of a sexual abuse case can be overwhelming, particularly when you’re also dealing with the emotional aftermath of the incident. That’s where our expertise comes in. We offer personalized, compassionate legal services that cover every aspect of your case. From the initial confidential consultation to aggressive representation in court, we are committed to achieving the highest possible compensation for you.

We meticulously investigate your case to gather all necessary evidence, leaving no stone unturned. Our team works with medical professionals, psychologists, and other experts to strengthen your case. Our experience in the New York legal landscape equips us to guide you through complex procedures, from establishing liability to understanding the local and state laws that may impact your case.

In the courtroom, we fight aggressively to ensure that you receive compensation for medical bills, therapy costs, lost wages, and emotional suffering. Our comprehensive approach aims not just to win your case, but to help you reclaim your life.

Choose The Orlow Firm, where our mission is to provide justice, compassion, and a sense of closure for sexual abuse survivors in New York City.

Common Injury Types

Sexual abuse is a deeply traumatic experience that can manifest in a variety of injuries. Survivors often face a complex interplay of physical, emotional, and psychological injuries that can significantly impact their overall well-being. At The Orlow Firm, our New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers are well-versed in representing survivors who are dealing with various types of injuries stemming from abuse. Below is an exhaustive discussion on the common injury types.

Physical Injuries

Physical injuries are often the most apparent, and they can range from mild to severe. Common physical injuries include:

  • Bruising and Scratches: Often resulting from force or restraint used during the abuse.
  • Internal Injuries: Including damage to reproductive organs.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): Contracted from the perpetrator.
  • Chronic Pain: In some instances, survivors experience long-term physical pain, such as pelvic pain, as a result of the abuse.

Emotional and Psychological Trauma

Sexual abuse is particularly damaging to the emotional and psychological well-being of survivors. These injuries can be just as debilitating as physical ones. They include:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Nightmares, flashbacks, and severe anxiety are common symptoms.
  • Depression: A persistent feeling of sadness, hopelessness, or disinterest in previously enjoyed activities.
  • Anxiety Disorders: Including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, and panic attacks.
  • Emotional Numbness: Some survivors experience a lack of emotional response or feel emotionally “dead.”

Cognitive Impacts

The trauma from sexual abuse can also lead to cognitive impacts that interfere with the survivor’s thought processes and everyday functioning:

  • Concentration Issues: Survivors may find it difficult to focus on tasks or make decisions.
  • Memory Problems: Trauma can affect the brain’s ability to store and recall information.
  • Impaired Judgment: Decision-making abilities can be compromised, leading to risky behavior.

Behavioral Changes

Trauma from sexual abuse can result in behavioral changes, such as:

  • Withdrawal from Social Activities: To avoid triggers or because of emotional exhaustion.
  • Substance Abuse: Alcohol or drug use as a coping mechanism.
  • Sleep Disorders: Including insomnia or oversleeping.

Financial Strain

Dealing with these injuries often requires medical treatment, therapy, and medication, leading to:

  • Medical Bills: For both immediate and long-term care.
  • Lost Wages: Due to time off from work for recovery or attending therapy sessions.

At The Orlow Firm, our comprehensive approach takes into account all these injury types when we represent you. Our aim is not only to win your case but to ensure you get the support and compensation you need to deal with these multifaceted injuries, helping you move toward healing and closure.

Who Can be Legally Liable For Sexual Assault in New York?

When it comes to sexual abuse or assault, identifying who can be legally liable is a crucial component for seeking justice and compensation. It’s not just the immediate perpetrator who can be held accountable; in certain cases, other parties may also share in the legal responsibility. Here, we outline the different categories of entities and individuals who can be held liable for sexual assault under New York laws.

The Perpetrator

The most straightforward case of liability is the individual who directly committed the act of sexual abuse or assault. This person can face both criminal charges and civil liability.


In some situations, an employer can be held liable for the actions of their employee if the assault occurred during the course of employment. However, the legal nuances here are complex and often depend on the specifics of the employment relationship and the incident in question.

Property Owners and Managers

If the assault took place in a building or on property that lacked adequate security measures, the owner or manager of that property may be liable under premises liability law. The argument is that their negligence in providing a safe environment contributed to the assault.

Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions can sometimes be held responsible if the abuse occurs on their premises or involves members of their faculty, staff, or student body.

Organizations and Businesses

Companies, organizations, and other entities may be held liable if the abuse occurred during an event they organized, or within a context they should have controlled or supervised, such as a company-sponsored event.

Government Entities

In certain circumstances, a government entity could be held accountable. For example, if abuse occurs in a government-run facility like a public school or hospital, and it is proven that the facility failed to adhere to adequate standards of care or security.

Guardians and Caretakers

People entrusted with the care of vulnerable individuals, such as minors or the elderly, can also be held liable if their negligence enabled the abuse to occur.

Multiple Parties

It is possible that multiple parties can be held liable simultaneously. For example, both an employer and a property manager could share liability if an employee sexually assaults someone on poorly secured premises.

Determining who is legally liable for sexual abuse or assault can be a complex process that involves intricate legal analysis. At The Orlow Firm, our team of specialized New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers works tirelessly to explore all avenues of liability. By conducting thorough investigations and applying our in-depth understanding of New York laws, we aim to hold all responsible parties accountable, maximizing your chances for a fair and comprehensive settlement or judgment.

What Can Victims of Sexual Assault be Compensated For in New York?

In the aftermath of sexual abuse or assault, survivors are often left with extensive physical, emotional, and financial burdens. Filing a legal claim is a critical step towards obtaining compensation to address these various forms of harm. At The Orlow Firm, our New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers work diligently to ensure that survivors receive the fullest scope of compensation available under the law. Below is an exhaustive guide on the types of compensation you might be eligible for.

Economic Damages

These are quantifiable financial losses directly related to the abuse. They include:

  • Medical Expenses: Cost of immediate medical treatment, ongoing care, surgeries, medication, and any rehabilitation.
  • Therapy and Counseling Costs: Fees for psychological counseling and other mental health services.
  • Lost Wages: Earnings lost due to time off work for recovery, medical treatment, and legal proceedings.
  • Loss of Earning Capacity: If the abuse affects your ability to work in the long term.
  • Legal Fees: In some cases, you can be reimbursed for the costs of bringing the lawsuit.

Non-Economic Damages

These are harder to quantify but represent real suffering and life impact:

  • Pain and Suffering: For both physical pain and emotional distress, including the immediate trauma and any long-term effects.
  • Emotional Distress: Psychological impact like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.
  • Loss of Consortium: Affect on relationships, often relevant for the spouse of the survivor.
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life: Including your inability to enjoy activities or milestones you once found fulfilling.

Punitive Damages

These are awarded in some cases to punish the defendant for particularly egregious conduct and to deter similar behavior in the future.

Additional Forms of Relief

  • Restraining Orders or Injunctions: Courts can also issue restraining orders against the abuser to provide immediate protection.
  • Cost of Changing Residences: If you’ve had to move as a direct result of the abuse, those costs can sometimes be recovered.

Compensation from Multiple Parties

In cases where multiple parties are found to be liable, you may be entitled to separate compensations from each, for example from both the perpetrator and an employer or institution that enabled the abuse.

Understanding the types of compensation available to you is just the start; calculating and proving these damages requires expert legal help. At The Orlow Firm, we conduct exhaustive investigations and consult with medical professionals, economic experts, and psychologists to build a robust case that accounts for every facet of your suffering and loss. We strive to maximize your compensation, aiming for a comprehensive settlement or judgment that facilitates your long-term recovery and contributes to your sense of justice and closure.

Statute of Limitations

Understanding the statute of limitations is crucial when considering legal action for sexual abuse or assault. In New York, the time limits for filing a claim can vary depending on several factors, such as the age of the survivor and the nature of the abuse. Failure to adhere to these time limits can mean the loss of your right to pursue legal action. Here, we offer an exhaustive guide to the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases in New York as understood by our team of New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers at The Orlow Firm.

Criminal Cases

  1. Child Sexual Abuse: The Child Victims Act in New York allows survivors of childhood sexual abuse to file criminal charges up until their 28th birthday for felonies.
  2. Adult Cases: For most first-degree sexual assault cases involving adults, there is no statute of limitations. However, for lesser degrees, the statute can be as short as 1 to 5 years.

Civil Cases

  1. Child Sexual Abuse: The Child Victims Act also extends the time for survivors to bring a civil lawsuit until they reach the age of 55.
  2. Adult Cases: In general, you have 3 years from the date of the incident to file a civil lawsuit for sexual assault.
  3. “Discovery Rule” Exceptions: New York allows some flexibility if you could not have reasonably discovered the injury caused by the abuse until a later date.

Against Public Entities

If you are bringing a claim against a public entity like a public school or government agency, you generally have to file a “Notice of Claim” within 90 days of the incident. This is a prerequisite before you can file a civil lawsuit.

Revival Window for Expired Cases

The Child Victims Act introduced a “look-back window,” allowing survivors whose claims had expired under the old laws to file their civil lawsuits. However, this window is subject to specific deadlines, so it’s essential to consult an attorney promptly.

Why It’s Important to Act Quickly

Even if the statute of limitations provides you with a considerable time window, it’s beneficial to act quickly for several reasons:

  • Evidence: Physical and documentary evidence can be lost or degrade over time.
  • Witness Testimony: Memories fade, and witnesses may become unavailable as time passes.
  • Legal Strategy: More time often allows for a more thoroughly researched and prepared case.

At The Orlow Firm, we understand the sensitive nature of sexual abuse cases and the challenges survivors face in coming forward. That’s why we’re committed to guiding you through these legal complexities in the most supportive way possible. Understanding the statute of limitations and acting within its constraints maximizes your chances for justice and compensation. With our team of specialized New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers, you can navigate the legal maze with confidence, focusing on your healing journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I do immediately after experiencing sexual abuse?
    • If you’ve experienced sexual abuse, it’s crucial to prioritize your immediate safety and seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if you’re unsure about pressing charges. Preserving evidence is also important; try not to shower or change clothes until after a medical examination. At The Orlow Firm, our New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers recommend contacting law enforcement and then consulting legal advice to explore your options for justice and compensation.

  2. Can I file a case anonymously?
    • Yes, it is generally possible to file a sexual abuse case anonymously in New York to protect your identity from public exposure. At The Orlow Firm, our New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers can guide you through the legal procedures for filing under a pseudonym or as a “Jane/John Doe,” ensuring your privacy is safeguarded while still pursuing justice and compensation for your case.

  3. How long does a sexual abuse case usually take?
    • The duration of a sexual abuse case can vary widely depending on its complexity, the parties involved, and the legal route taken. Cases that are settled out of court may conclude in a matter of months, while those that go to trial can take several years. At The Orlow Firm, our team of New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers will provide you with a more personalized timeline after evaluating the specific details of your case.

  4. Can I seek compensation even if the abuser is not convicted?
    • Yes, you can still pursue a civil case for compensation even if the perpetrator is not criminally convicted. The standards of proof in a civil case are generally lower than in a criminal case, allowing for the possibility of financial compensation for your suffering. At The Orlow Firm, our New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers specialize in navigating the nuances of civil law to help survivors obtain justice and compensation, regardless of the outcome in criminal court.

  5. Will I need to go to court?
    • While many sexual abuse cases are settled out of court, there is always the possibility that you may need to go to court to pursue justice and compensation. At The Orlow Firm, our team of New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers will prepare you thoroughly for all potential outcomes, always striving to achieve the most favorable resolution with the least amount of emotional strain for you. We evaluate the specifics of your case to develop a tailored strategy that best serves your interests, whether that involves negotiation or proceeding to trial.

Why Choose The Orlow Firm

Selecting the right legal representation can make all the difference in your journey towards justice and healing. When it comes to confronting the devastating experience of sexual abuse, The Orlow Firm stands out as the go-to choice for survivors in New York City. Here’s why you should consider us to represent you.

Firstly, we possess unparalleled expertise in sexual abuse law. Our legal team is comprised of seasoned New York City Sexual Abuse Lawyers who understand the nuances of state and local legislation, allowing us to navigate the complexities of the legal system on your behalf. Our proven track record in securing favorable outcomes ensures that you’re placing your trust in capable hands.

Secondly, we prioritize compassionate and confidential client service. We understand the emotional and psychological toll that discussing and reliving these traumatic experiences can take on a survivor. From your initial consultation to the closing statements in the courtroom, you’ll find a safe and confidential space for your story to be heard and respected.

Additionally, we take a proactive, comprehensive approach to maximize your compensation. Our team collaborates with medical professionals, psychological experts, and investigators to build a robust case. This approach allows us to cover every aspect, including medical bills, emotional trauma, and lost wages, ensuring that you are fairly compensated for your suffering.

Finally, The Orlow Firm offers aggressive courtroom representation. We advocate fervently for your rights, making it our mission to hold the responsible parties accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Choosing The Orlow Firm means choosing expertise, compassion, and a relentless commitment to your justice and well-being.

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