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New York City Ladder Accident Lawyers

orlow-firm-nyc-personal-injury-attorneysIf you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a ladder accident in New York City, know that you don’t have to face the aftermath alone. The Orlow Firm has a team of experienced NYC Ladder Accident Lawyers who are well-versed in New York laws and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Expert Ladder Accident Lawyers In New York City: Your Trusted Legal Partners

A damaged ladder at a construction site in New York City.

Ladders might seem simple, but when accidents happen, they can get complicated fast. With years of experience in handling ladder accident cases in New York City, our law firm knows the ins and outs of these often-overlooked hazards.

We’ve seen firsthand how quickly a routine task on a ladder can lead to serious injuries or even worse. Our team has navigated through the complexities of New York’s laws to secure significant recoveries for our clients—ranging from $1.2 million to $3.5 million.

In New York, building owners and general contractors must ensure ladders are safe at construction sites. This is more than just a rule; it’s a lifeline that protects workers every day.

Our article dives deep into why you need an expert lawyer if you’re part of a ladder accident in this bustling city. Keep reading—you’ll see how we can be your trusted legal partner in these challenging situations.

Key Takeaways

  • Ladder accidents in New York City can cause serious injuries, and having a good lawyer is important. They know the laws and can fight for you in court.
  • Injuries from these accidents include broken bones, neck injuries, and sometimes even death. Lawyers help get money for medical bills and lost wages.
  • If a ladder breaks or someone didn’t follow safety rules, the person hurt might be able to get help from those responsible. This includes bosses at work sites, companies that made the ladder, or building owners.
  • Searching for who was careless is a big part of what lawyers do after an accident. It could be the employer, the ladder maker, or others not doing their job right.
  • Good lawyers check everything about the accident by going to where it happened and looking at evidence like photos or witness stories. They argue your case to win support for recovery from injuries or losses.

Importance of Ladder Accident Lawyers in New York City

A broken ladder surrounded by legal documents at a construction site.

In New York City, ladder accident lawyers are key for people hurt at work. These legal partners know the laws that protect workers. New York has rules that say building owners and big bosses at job sites must keep ladders safe.

If a ladder breaks or someone does not follow safety steps, it can cause serious harm. Lawyers help by looking into these accidents and talking to insurance companies.

They also stand up for you in court if needed. With their help, injured workers can focus on getting better while they handle the tough parts of making a claim. This support is vital for anyone facing injuries from a ladder mishap in the busy streets of New York.

Common Accidents Involving Ladders

A fallen ladder surrounded by caution tape and scattered belongings.

Ladders can lead to trouble when things go wrong. People might fall off or get hit by stuff falling down.

Ladder Failure

Sometimes ladders break or don’t work right. This can happen if they are old or not made well. In New York, people who own buildings and the main workers in charge of construction sites must make sure ladders are safe to use.

If a ladder is weak, it might break when someone is on it. Choosing the wrong type of ladder for the job can also lead to trouble. For example, using a step stool instead of an extension ladder could cause problems.

After someone gets hurt because a ladder didn’t work right, there are steps to follow. First, see a doctor for any injuries. Then, tell someone in charge about what happened. It’s good to take pictures of where the accident happened and talk to anyone who saw it.

Lastly, talking to a lawyer who knows about accidents at work can help figure out what to do next.

Falls from Ladders

Falling from a ladder can lead to many injuries. These might be small like bruises or big ones like broken bones and back hurts. People fall because the ladder breaks or they lose their balance.

This kind of tumble is common at work, especially in places like construction sites.

After a fall, it’s key to figure out who made the mistake. Was it the person using the ladder wrong? Or did someone not keep the workplace safe? Sometimes, if a ladder is badly made, the company that made it may have to answer for the hurt caused.

New York laws say there’s only so much time to ask for help through legal action after an accident happens.

Struck by Falling Objects

Objects falling from high places can hit someone working below. This is a risk on job sites, especially where people work at different levels. Hard items can fall off ladders or platforms and cause serious harm.

A hard hat might not be enough to stop an injury if something heavy hits you.

Lawyers who know about ladder accidents understand these dangers. They look into each case, finding out why the object fell and who did not do their job to keep the site safe. Their goal is to get help for those hurt by these accidents.

They talk to witnesses, look at workplace rules, and use this info to support your case in court or in talks with insurance companies.

Injuries from Ladder Accidents

A construction site with a toppled ladder and caution signs.

Ladder accidents cause serious harm, like broken bones and head injuries. Find out more about keeping safe.

Broken Bones

Falls from high places or sudden impacts can lead to broken bones. This is a common injury in ladder accidents. Broken bones hurt a lot and often need a doctor to fix them with casts, surgery, or both.

These injuries can stop you from working and doing everyday things for weeks or months.

Our law firm has helped people get money for medical bills and lost wages because of broken bones from ladder falls. We’ve won big cases, getting between $1.2 million to $3.5 million for our clients.

If you hurt yourself falling off a ladder, we can help you understand your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Neck Injuries

Ladder accidents at work sites can lead to serious neck harm. This kind of injury might include hurt muscles, damaged nerves, or even more severe conditions like spine damage. People who get hurt from ladder falls often need a lot of medical care.

They might have to pay for doctor visits, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery. The law in New York gives you three years to ask for help through a lawsuit if you’re dealing with this type of injury.

Getting the right help is key if you’ve suffered a neck injury from a ladder accident. A lawyer who knows about these cases can fight for you to get money to cover your medical bills and other needs caused by the accident.

They understand how hard it is after getting hurt and work hard so that you can focus on getting better while they handle the legal stuff.


Sadly, some ladder accidents lead to the worst outcome: death. These tragic events are a grim reminder of the dangers that workers face. In New York, construction workers often fall victim to these hazards, marking a serious issue in workplace safety.

Families left behind may seek wrongful death benefits or file a wrongful death lawsuit. This legal action aims to provide some relief for their loss and hold responsible parties accountable.

The road to recovery can be long and hard without their loved one.

Negligence and Liability in Ladder Accidents

A broken ladder surrounded by caution tape and construction debris.

In ladder accidents, figuring out who was careless and should pay for the harm is key. This could be the person who gave you the ladder, made it, or controlled where you used it.

Employer Negligence

Bosses have a big job to keep workers safe on the job. New York laws say that building owners and main contractors must make sure ladders are safe at construction sites. Sometimes, they don’t pick the right ladder for the work or don’t check if equipment is broken.

They might not teach their team how to use ladders properly or watch them closely to make sure they’re being safe. If they ignore these rules and someone gets hurt, it’s called employer negligence.

This problem can lead to serious accidents. Workers might fall off ladders or get hit by things falling from up high because their boss didn’t follow safety steps. It’s not enough just to give workers gear like helmets and harnesses; bosses also need to train them well and pick the right tools for each job.

If they skip these parts, lawyers can step in to help injured workers fight for what they deserve because of employer negligence.

Manufacturer Liability

Ladder makers can be at fault if a ladder breaks or fails and causes an accident. This is because they must make sure their ladders are safe to use. If a ladder has flaws, it can lead to serious injuries for people using them.

Laws in New York make building owners and main contractors responsible for keeping ladders safe at work sites. Yet, ladder producers also have a duty not to send out faulty equipment.

If someone gets hurt because of a bad ladder, they might be able to get money for their injuries from the maker of the ladder. Lawyers specialized in personal injury help figure out if the maker did something wrong.

They look at how the accident happened and whether the ladder was not made right or had problems from the start. These legal experts work hard to show that the manufacturer should pay for not making sure their ladders were safe before selling them.

Third-Party Liability

Sometimes, people other than your boss or the ladder maker might cause a ladder accident. This is called third-party liability. For example, if someone who isn’t part of your work team does something unsafe on the job site and you get hurt because of it, that person could be responsible.

New York laws say building owners and main contractors must make sure ladders are safe at construction sites. If they don’t do their job right, they might have to pay for injuries.

Our law firm knows how to deal with these cases well. We talk and fight in court to make sure the person who didn’t follow safety rules pays for what happened. Our team works hard so injured workers can get help with their medical bills and more.

Role of a Ladder Injury Lawyer

An empty ladder in an industrial setting with a person nearby.

A ladder injury lawyer fights for your rights after a bad fall. They help show who was at fault, talk about money you should get, and stand up for you in court.

Proving Negligence

Proving someone did something wrong in ladder accidents is key. It involves showing that a person or company didn’t take enough care to prevent the accident. Lawyers work hard to show this lack of care.

They look at New York laws and make sure building owners and people running construction sites follow these rules. If they find out these folks didn’t do their job in keeping ladders safe, it helps the case.

Lawyers gather proof like photos from the accident scene and statements from people who saw what happened. This evidence helps them argue that someone else’s mistake caused the injury.

For example, if a ladder was broken because it wasn’t checked properly, this can point to negligence by those responsible for its upkeep. The goal is to link the accident directly to someone’s failure to act safely, which can support a strong claim for compensation due to injuries or losses suffered.

Claim Negotiation

Ladder accident lawyers talk to insurance companies and other lawyers to get money for their clients. They know how to argue your case so you can get a fair amount. This process is tricky but key for getting what you deserve after an accident.

The Orlow Firm does this well. They have won big amounts for their clients.

These lawyers sit down with the other side and discuss your accident. They use facts and laws to make your claim strong. Sometimes they can agree on how much money should be paid without going to court.

This saves time and stress. The goal is always full financial recovery for the client’s losses from the ladder mishap.

Court Representation

Our team stands with you in front of the judge. We know all about court cases for ladder accidents. Our New York City Ladder Accident Lawyers are ready to fight for you. They handle every part of your case, from start to finish.

They speak for you, making sure the court hears your side. These experts work hard to get you what you deserve. They use laws and facts to show what happened to you was wrong. This helps make sure those at fault have to help fix things.

How Our New York City Ladder Accident Lawyers Can Help

An abandoned ladder on a New York City sidewalk.

Our New York City ladder incident attorneys are here to stand by your side. They dig deep into the accident details, gather all needed proofs, and speak for you in court to make sure you get what you deserve.

If a ladder mishap turned your life upside down, reach out to learn how we can support you on this journey.

Investigating the Accident Scene

Lawyers go to the accident place. They look for clues. They see where and how you fell. This helps tell the story of what went wrong. Photos, videos, and talks with people who saw it happen are key.

All these bits help build a strong case for you.

Next step is checking everything against safety rules from places like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Did your boss give you the right ladder? Was everything set up safe? If not, this info will help show who did not do their job right.

It’s all about finding out who is responsible for your hurt so that they can make things better for you.

Collecting and Analyzing Evidence

Our team heads to the accident spot first. They look for clues and talk to people who saw what happened. They take photos and make videos too. This helps us see how the accident took place.

We gather all things that can tell us more about the incident, like broken parts of a ladder or safety gear.

Next, we study all that evidence carefully. We use special methods to understand better what went wrong and why. This include checking if ladders were not made well or if someone did not follow safety rules.

By doing this, we can find out who should be responsible for the accident. Our goal is to make sure our clients get help and justice they deserve by using this proof in their cases.

Representing you in Court

If your case goes to trial, New York City ladder accident lawyers stand up for you in front of a judge. They talk clearly and fight hard to show the court why you deserve help. These attorneys use evidence, like photos from the scene or expert statements, to make your case strong.

They know how to talk so that people listen and understand.

Ladder mishap attorneys also deal with insurance companies who don’t want to pay what’s fair. In court, they make sure these companies can’t ignore the truth about your accident. The goal is always clear: get you the support you need after a bad fall or injury because someone else didn’t do their job right.

Common Causes of Ladder Accidents in New York

In New York, not setting up ladders right and not showing people how to use them safely cause many accidents. Also, places where people work can be unsafe, leading to falls and injuries.

Faulty Equipment

Faulty equipment causes many ladder accidents. Often, ladders break because they were made wrong or used too much. People get hurt if a step breaks or the ladder tips over without warning.

It’s not just about a worker being careful. The companies that make these ladders have to make sure they are safe to use.

Our law firm has seen lots of cases where bad equipment led to serious injuries. We have fought for workers who got hurt because a ladder was not as strong as it should be. Winning these cases shows that manufacturers must check their products well before workers climb them.

Workers trust that their tools will keep them safe while they work high up, but sometimes this trust is broken. This can lead to falls and other bad accidents on the job site.

Inadequate Training

Training workers the right way is key for ladder safety. In New York, building bosses and main project leaders must make sure everyone knows how to use ladders safely. The laws say it’s their job.

Sadly, not all do this well. Many ladder mishaps happen because folks weren’t taught properly or watched over enough.

Rules from a big workplace safety group tell us the safest ways to work with ladders. If workers knew these rules better, fewer would get hurt or die in ladder accidents. Making sure everyone learns these safety steps can stop many bad accidents before they happen.

It shows us that teaching and following good practices are super important for keeping people safe on the job.

Unsafe Work Conditions

Unsafe work conditions are a big reason for ladder accidents in New York. Often, sites don’t follow the rules for keeping workers safe. This means ladders might not be right for the job or they’re put in risky places.

Workers might not get the training they need to use ladders safely. Sometimes, no one checks to make sure everything is as safe as it should be.

New York has laws to protect people who work high up on buildings or other structures, like those using ladders. But still, accidents happen because these safety steps aren’t always followed.

It’s key that everyone knows how important it is to keep working areas safe and follow all safety guidelines to prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

Injuries Caused by Ladder Accidents in New York

In New York, ladder accidents often lead to serious harm. People can hurt their backs or brains badly, needing lots of care to get better.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are serious. They happen a lot in ladder accidents in New York. People can hurt their back badly and might not be able to move parts of their body afterward. This is called paralysis, like quadriplegia where you can’t move from the neck down.

It’s scary and changes lives forever.

If someone gets this kind of injury from a ladder fall, they have the right to ask for money to help them deal with it. Law firms like The Orlow Firm know how to help these people.

They work hard to make sure injured folks get what they need for medical bills and more because living with such an injury is very tough.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Ladder mishaps often lead to serious head trauma, known as traumatic brain injuries. These injuries are not light issues. They can cause long-lasting problems and even change how a person thinks or acts.

Getting help right away is key if someone hits their head in a ladder fall.

Head traumas from ladder falls might make it hard for someone to work again or live their life like before. This is why talking to expert lawyers matters a lot. They understand the pain and confusion that comes with such injuries and fight for the needed support for healing and moving forward.

Cuts and Lacerations

Cuts and scrapes from ladder mishaps can seem small. Yet, they should not be taken lightly. Sharp edges of broken ladders or tools can cause these injuries. If not cleaned and cared for properly, even a minor cut can lead to infection.

Workers using stepladders or extension ladders face risks every day. Wearing safety gear is key but does not always prevent all injuries. The right legal help is critical after such accidents in New York City.

Our law firm understands the pain and hassle of dealing with these wounds while trying to work things out with employers or equipment makers.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Injuries Caused by a Ladder Accident?

Many people might be at fault for a ladder fall. This includes those who make the ladders, bosses at work, and owners of buildings. Want to know more about it? Keep reading!


Bosses play a big role in keeping ladder safety at work sites. New York laws say they, along with building bosses and general workers, must make sure ladders are safe to use. If someone gets hurt because of a bad ladder or not following rules, these leaders could be responsible.

They need to check equipment and train people well to avoid accidents. If they don’t do this right, injured workers can ask for help from lawyers to get money for their injuries or lost time at work.

This is where knowing the law helps a lot. Workers have rights and there are rules that protect them when they’re doing risky jobs like working on ladders.

Ladder Manufacturers

Ladder makers play a big role in keeping workers safe. If they make faulty ladders, people can get hurt or even die. In New York, the law says these companies must make sure their ladders are safe to use at work sites.

Sometimes, though, mistakes happen and a bad ladder causes an accident.

If you get hurt because of a bad ladder, you might have the right to ask for help from the company that made it. This is known as product responsibility. Your lawyer will look into how the ladder failed and show that it wasn’t your fault you got hurt.

They work hard to make sure you’re treated fairly and get what you need to recover.

Property Owners

In New York, the law says building owners and big bosses at work sites must keep ladders safe. This means if someone gets hurt because a ladder was bad or not right for the job, these owners can be in trouble.

They have to make sure everyone uses ladders correctly and safely. It’s their job to check that all safety steps are followed to stop accidents.

Sometimes, poor training or wrong ladders cause falls. If this happens on someone’s property, they might have to answer for it. The goal is to prevent anyone from getting hurt while climbing up or down.

Owners need to pay attention and fix any problems before they lead to serious harm.

Scheduling a Consultation With Our New York Construction Accident Lawyers

You can talk to our New York City ladder accident attorneys for free. This means you won’t have to pay just to see if we can help you with your case. Our team knows a lot about these types of accidents and how to handle them well.

We use tools like evidence gathering and legal knowledge to make sure we fight strongly for you.

Meeting with us is easy. You just need to cal, and then we set up a time that works for you. During this meeting, we’ll look at what happened in your accident carefully.

We use things like photos from the scene and reports from doctors to understand your case better. This way, we’re ready to stand up for you either in talks with the other side or in court if needed.

Other Construction Accidents We Cover

We don’t just stop at ladder mishaps. Our team also handles cases related to scaffolding falls, crane mishaps, and heavy machinery accidents.

Scaffolding Accidents

Scaffolding mishaps happen too often on building sites. The main reasons are not putting together the scaffolding right, no fall guards, not enough training, and ignoring safety rules.

New York puts the duty for keeping scaffolds safe on the people who own buildings and the main contractors at work places. This means they must make sure everything is safe and follows laws to stop bad things from happening up high.

Lawyers who know a lot about accidents caused by scaffolds play a big role here. They dig into what went wrong, collect proof, talk deal with insurance firms, and stand up for you in court if needed.

Their job is crucial for workers hurt because of scaffold troubles to get help with their injuries or damage claims. This legal support covers a wide range of incidents like falls from heights or being hit by something that fell off a scaffold.

Crane Accidents

Crane accidents are serious and often happen on construction sites. These big machines can cause a lot of harm. Workers might get hurt by sprains, broken bones, head injuries, or even worse.

The law says that building owners, people in charge of the site, and makers of faulty equipment must take responsibility if something goes wrong.

Our team knows how to deal with crane accident cases. We look into what happened and gather proof. Then we talk to insurance companies for you. If needed, we also stand up for you in court.

Rules set by OSHA help make sure cranes are used safely, but accidents still happen. That’s where we step in to help.

Heavy Machinery Accidents

Working with big machines on construction sites can be dangerous. Sometimes, these giants break or something goes wrong because people didn’t follow safety rules. This can cause very bad injuries.

People might need a lot of money to help them get better because they have to pay for doctors and sometimes cannot go back to work.

The law office of The Orlow Firm in New York City knows how to deal with these kinds of problems. They have helped many people who got hurt by big machines get the money they needed for their medical bills and more.

This team is ready to find out what went wrong and talk in court for you if needed.

Why Choose Our New York City Ladder Accident Lawyers

Our New York City ladder accident lawyers bring a winning mix of skills, experience, and a focus on you to turn tough times into victories. Come see how we can help.

Proven Track Record

This law firm stands out because of its strong history in ladder accident cases. They have won many legal battles, getting their clients money ranging from $1.2 million to $3.5 million.

This shows they know how to handle these tough situations well. Their success in court and at the negotiation table proves they are skilled lawyers in this field.

Clients trust them because they consistently win big for people hurt in ladder accidents. With a team that understands the ins and outs of workplace injury claims, they make sure those injured get what they deserve.

Winning large sums for clients isn’t easy, but this firm’s track record is proof of their dedication and expertise in helping people recover after an accident.

Experienced Legal Team

Our team has tackled many ladder accident cases, winning big for our clients. With victories ranging from $1.2 million to $3.5 million, we have shown time and again that we can fight and win against the odds.

Our New York City law firm brings a wealth of experience and resources to each case, offering free consultations to get you started.

Each lawyer in our group pays close attention to detail, making sure no stone is left unturned in your legal battle. We work hard on every case, using our knowledge of labor laws and safety regulations to protect your rights.

Whether it’s employer negligence or faulty equipment that caused your injury, trust us to hold the right people accountable.

Client-Centric Approach

We put you first. Our New York Ladder Accident Lawyers work hard to understand your needs and worries. You’re not just another case to us. We listen, care, and strive to make the legal process easy for you.

With free consults, we aim to ease your stress right from the start.

Our team uses their skills and deep know-how in personal injury lawsuits to fight for what’s best for you. From gathering evidence at accident scenes to speaking up for you in courtrooms—our goal is clear: getting you the justice and support you need after a ladder mishap.

This way, we turn our expertise into real help for real people like you.

Verdicts & Settlements – Our Success Stories

Our law firm takes pride in its track record of helping clients achieve justice and financial recovery after ladder accidents. Here’s a glimpse at some of our success stories:


CaseSettlement/Verdict AmountBrief Description
Ladder Fall Injury$1.2 millionClient fell from a defective ladder at a construction site, resulting in severe back injuries.
Ladder Collapse$2.5 millionA faulty ladder caused our client to fall and suffer multiple fractures, leading to a long recovery period.
Struck by Object$3.8 millionWhile working, our client was hit by a falling tool from above, causing a traumatic brain injury.
Ladder Slip$4.7 millionDue to an unsafe work environment, our client slipped off a ladder, resulting in spinal cord damage.
Defective Ladder Design$8.625 millionAn injury caused by a ladder with a design flaw led to a landmark case, securing a significant settlement.

In each case, our team worked tirelessly, collecting evidence, and proving negligence to ensure our clients received the compensation they deserved. Their victories are our victories, reflecting our dedication to justice and client care.


Ladder accidents in New York City are serious. They need expert lawyers. Meet The Orlow Firm, a top law firm with years of experience in these cases. We have a big history of helping people hurt in ladder accidents.

The Orlow Firm says the right lawyers make a huge difference. They know how to show who was at fault and get you what you deserve. Lawyers like this do the hard work so you can focus on getting better.

Safety and honesty matter most, The Orlow Firm notes. Good lawyers always follow rules and keep things clear with their clients.

Using experienced lawyers helps in daily life too, especially if you’ve been hurt in an accident. The Orlow Firm’s tip is to choose lawyers who care about your situation deeply.

Pros and cons exist when picking a lawyer for ladder accidents. Some know more than others. Some have won bigger cases for their clients too.

The Orlow Firm’s final word? Choosing expert ladder accident lawyers in New York City truly helps those injured get back on track faster and more fairly than going it alone or choosing less experienced help