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Construction sites are bustling with activity, but they are also one of the most hazardous workplaces in Brooklyn and across New York City. When accidents occur, the physical and financial impact can be devastating. You don’t have to navigate these challenges alone; The Orlow Firm is here to guide you every step of the way.

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How The Orlow Firm Maximizes Your Construction Accident Case

When you’re involved in a construction accident in Brooklyn, the repercussions can be life-altering. This is why you need experts in the field who can guide you through the complex legal landscape, and that’s exactly what The Orlow Firm can provide.

Personalized Legal Strategy: At The Orlow Firm, we understand that every case is unique. We tailor our approach to meet the specific circumstances of your situation. After meticulously reviewing the details of your accident, we devise a strategy aimed at securing the maximum compensation possible.

In-depth Investigation: Your attorney will rigorously investigate the accident scene, speak with witnesses, and review safety records and other documents. This comprehensive investigation allows us to gather crucial evidence that strengthens your case.

Skilled Negotiation: Equipped with strong evidence and legal expertise, The Orlow Firm excels in negotiating with insurance companies. We know their tactics and how to counter them effectively, ensuring you’re not shortchanged in a settlement.

Court Representation: If a fair settlement can’t be reached, we are fully prepared to take your case to court. Our team of experienced attorneys is skilled in representing clients in legal proceedings, fighting tirelessly for your rights.

Industry Experts: Our network includes construction industry experts and medical professionals whose testimonies can be invaluable in proving your case. By collaborating with these experts, we create a compelling argument for your compensation.

No Upfront Fees: We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay unless we win. This allows you to pursue legal action without the stress of upfront legal costs.

Clear Communication: Keeping you informed is a priority. Throughout the legal process, we make sure you understand your options and are up-to-date on the progress of your case. Our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Multi-lingual Staff: Our staff is fluent in multiple languages, ensuring that language is not a barrier in seeking justice. This makes the legal process smoother and more accessible for everyone.

Emphasis on Emotional Well-being: While our primary aim is to secure your financial future, we also understand the emotional trauma that can accompany a construction accident. We work to lessen this burden by handling the legal complexities so you can focus on recovery.

Strong Track Record: With years of experience and a multitude of successful cases under our belt, The Orlow Firm stands as one of the premier personal injury law firms in New York City. Our past successes speak to our ability to handle your case with the expertise and attention it deserves.

Don’t go through this trying experience alone. Seek out expert help. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation today and take the first step towards maximizing your compensation.

What Compensation Victims of Construction Accidents in New York Can Expect

If you’ve been involved in a construction accident in Brooklyn, you may be entitled to various types of compensation to cover both economic and non-economic damages. Understanding these can help you grasp the full scope of what you may be eligible to receive.

Economic Damages

Medical Expenses: One of the most immediate costs associated with a construction accident are medical bills. You may be compensated for surgeries, hospital stays, medication, physical therapy, and any ongoing or future medical treatments related to the accident.

Lost Wages: When you’re recovering from an injury, it’s likely you’ll miss work. Compensation can cover the wages lost during your recovery period. In severe cases, you may also be entitled to compensation for loss of earning capacity if you’re unable to return to your previous job.

Property Damage: If personal property such as tools or equipment were damaged in the accident, you may seek compensation for the cost of repair or replacement.

Rehabilitation Costs: In severe cases, you might require vocational rehabilitation services to return to the workforce. These costs can also be covered.

Travel Expenses: Frequent visits to doctors and specialists may necessitate significant travel, for which you can be reimbursed.

Non-Economic Damages

Pain and Suffering: This includes both physical pain and emotional distress you experience as a result of the accident. While it’s difficult to put a monetary value on these experiences, they are important in determining your total compensation.

Emotional Trauma: Construction accidents can result in psychological conditions like anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Compensation may cover therapy and psychiatric treatment.

Loss of Consortium: If your injuries have negatively affected your relationship with your spouse, you may be eligible for loss of consortium damages.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life: If your injuries prevent you from enjoying activities or hobbies you once loved, this can also be factored into your compensation.

Disfigurement or Permanent Disability: Severe accidents may result in permanent scars or disabilities. These life-altering changes are accounted for in your overall compensation.

Punitive Damages: In cases where the negligence is particularly egregious, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the at-fault party and deter similar behavior in the future.

Being informed about the potential avenues for compensation can aid you greatly in your pursuit for justice. The Orlow Firm specializes in securing maximum compensation for victims of construction accidents in Brooklyn. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation today to learn how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Who’s Legally Liable in New York Construction Accidents

Determining legal liability in a Brooklyn construction accident can be a complex process, given the various entities involved in a construction project. This could include the construction company itself, subcontractors, property owners, and even equipment manufacturers. The Orlow Firm works diligently to identify all parties that may be legally responsible to ensure you receive full compensation.

In many instances, the construction company is the first entity scrutinized for potential liability. They are responsible for ensuring that the worksite adheres to safety standards set by agencies like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Failure to provide adequate safety measures, training, or equipment could make them liable for any resulting injuries.

Subcontractors also bear responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment in their areas of operation. They must follow safety regulations and ensure their employees are adequately trained. If a subcontractor’s negligence leads to an accident, they could be held liable.

Property owners have an obligation to ensure that the construction site is free from inherent dangers. Failure to disclose hazardous conditions to the construction company or the workers can result in liability.

Equipment manufacturers may also be held responsible if an accident occurs due to a malfunctioning or defective piece of machinery. If it’s established that the equipment was inherently dangerous or lacked sufficient safety warnings, the manufacturer could be included in a legal claim.

In certain cases, architects and engineers could bear some liability as well, especially if a design flaw contributes to the accident. The planning and design stage of any construction project comes with the responsibility to adhere to safety codes and standards. Faulty designs that lead to structural weaknesses or other dangers can result in legal repercussions for the professionals involved.

Sometimes, the responsibility is shared among several parties. New York follows the principle of “comparative negligence,” meaning that more than one party can be found partially liable for the accident. This principle allows you to claim compensation even if you were partially at fault, although the amount may be reduced in proportion to your share of the blame.

Navigating the intricate web of potential liability requires legal expertise and meticulous investigation. The Orlow Firm specializes in untangling these complexities to hold the appropriate parties accountable for your injuries. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation and take the first step towards justice.

Types of Injuries Commonly Suffered in Brooklyn Construction Accidents

Construction sites in Brooklyn are hazardous environments where a range of severe injuries can occur. The implications of these injuries can be both physically and financially crippling, affecting not only the victims but also their families. Understanding the types of injuries commonly sustained in construction accidents is crucial in evaluating the gravity of the situation and the necessary steps for legal redress.

  1. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): A fall from height or being struck by falling objects can lead to traumatic brain injuries, which can result in cognitive impairment, memory loss, and emotional changes.
  2. Spinal Cord Injuries: Heavy lifting or a fall can lead to spinal cord injuries, often causing paralysis or long-term mobility issues.
  3. Burns: Exposed wiring, hazardous chemicals, and faulty equipment can cause severe burns requiring extensive medical treatment.
  4. Fractures and Broken Bones: Falls, slips, or being crushed between objects can result in fractures and broken bones, often requiring surgery and long-term rehabilitation.
  5. Lacerations and Abrasions: Sharp objects, machinery, and debris can cause deep cuts and abrasions that may require stitches and leave scars.
  6. Amputations: Extreme cases involving faulty machinery or severe crushing accidents can lead to amputation of limbs.
  7. Eye Injuries: Lack of proper eye protection can result in eye injuries from flying debris, chemicals, or sparks, potentially causing permanent vision loss.
  8. Electrocution: Exposed electrical wires, lack of proper grounding, and faulty equipment can lead to electrocution, causing burns, nerve damage, or even death.
  9. Respiratory Issues: Prolonged exposure to hazardous materials like asbestos or toxic fumes can result in respiratory issues such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  10. Hearing Loss: Constant exposure to high noise levels without adequate hearing protection can lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss.

These injuries vary in severity, but they all come with a heavy toll—physically, emotionally, and financially. Given the complexities of construction accidents and the severe nature of the injuries sustained, it’s imperative to seek the help of experienced attorneys. The Orlow Firm specializes in cases involving construction accidents in Brooklyn and can guide you in seeking maximum compensation for your injuries. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation to discuss your case with our expert team.

Common Types of Construction Accidents in Brooklyn

In the fast-paced construction environment of Brooklyn, various scenarios can lead to accidents and injuries. Being aware of these situations can help you navigate the complexities should you find yourself a victim.

Falls from Heights: One of the most common construction accidents occurs when a worker falls from a significant height, such as from scaffolding, ladders, or rooftops. These accidents often result in severe injuries like fractures and traumatic brain injuries.

Slips and Trips: Uneven surfaces, cluttered work areas, and spilled substances can lead to slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents, causing injuries ranging from sprains to more severe conditions.

Equipment Malfunctions: Heavy machinery like cranes, forklifts, or bulldozers can malfunction, leading to accidents that often involve multiple workers and can cause severe injuries or even fatalities.

Falling Objects: Workers can be struck by falling objects like tools, materials, or debris, especially in multi-level construction sites. Even with a hard hat, the impact can cause serious head injuries.

Explosions and Fires: Faulty wiring, leaking gases, and improper storage of flammable materials can lead to explosions or fires on the construction site, causing burns and other life-threatening injuries.

Electrocutions: Exposed electrical wires, improper grounding, or lack of safety gear can result in workers getting electrocuted, which may lead to severe burns and even death.

Vehicle Accidents: Construction sites often have trucks, forklifts, and other vehicles moving around. Accidents involving these vehicles can result in severe injuries for both drivers and pedestrians on the site.

Exposure to Harmful Substances: Workers may be exposed to hazardous materials like asbestos, lead, or toxic fumes, leading to long-term health problems including respiratory issues.

Trench Collapses: Workers in excavations or trenches face the risk of walls caving in, leading to entrapment and possible suffocation.

Caught-In or Caught-Between Accidents: Workers can be caught in or between heavy machinery or materials, leading to crushing injuries, amputations, or even death.

Understanding these scenarios is vital for workers and their families, as it sheds light on the inherent risks associated with construction sites. If you’ve been involved in a construction accident in Brooklyn, it’s crucial to consult a specialized law firm like The Orlow Firm to guide you through the legal complexities. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation to determine the best course of action for your situation.

Relevant Laws Governing Construction Accidents in New York

In Brooklyn, as in the rest of New York, there are multiple laws and regulations governing construction sites and worker safety. Understanding these can help you navigate the complexities of a legal case should you find yourself a victim of a construction accident.

Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA): This federal law sets the standards for safe work environments across various industries, including construction. Employers are required to follow OSHA guidelines, and violations could make them liable for any injuries sustained by workers.

New York Labor Law Section 240 (Scaffold Law): This state-specific law holds property owners and contractors liable for any gravity-related accidents such as falls from heights or being struck by falling objects. The law is particularly significant for construction workers in Brooklyn and throughout New York.

New York Labor Law Section 241: This section sets forth specific safety requirements that must be followed during construction, demolition, and excavation projects. It addresses issues like scaffolding, hoisting, and the use of protective equipment.

New York Labor Law Section 200: This general duty clause mandates that employers must provide a safe working environment. It can be used to hold employers liable for a broad range of safety issues that are not covered by more specific laws.

Workers’ Compensation Laws: Almost all construction workers in New York are covered by Workers’ Compensation, which provides benefits for medical expenses and lost wages in the event of a work-related injury. However, accepting Workers’ Compensation usually means relinquishing the right to sue your employer.

Jones Act: Relevant for construction workers involved in maritime projects, the Jones Act allows workers to sue their employers for injuries caused by negligence, a privilege typically not granted under standard Workers’ Compensation laws.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): If a construction accident leaves a worker disabled, the ADA provides certain protections against discrimination and mandates reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

Product Liability Laws: If an injury is caused by a defective piece of machinery or equipment, these laws can be used to hold the manufacturer liable for damages.

Understanding these laws and how they apply to your specific case is crucial in maximizing your potential compensation. The Orlow Firm has a deep understanding of both federal and New York state laws related to construction accidents, and we can guide you through the legal maze. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation to discuss how these laws may apply to your situation.

New York Statute of Limitations for Construction Accident Cases

In the context of construction accidents in Brooklyn and across New York, understanding the statute of limitations is crucial for securing your legal rights. The statute of limitations sets a deadline for filing a lawsuit, and missing this deadline can severely impact your ability to obtain compensation for your injuries. For personal injury claims in New York, the general statute of limitations is three years from the date of the accident. This means that you have three years to file a lawsuit seeking damages for your injuries.

However, the situation can be more complex if you’re filing a claim for Workers’ Compensation. In that case, you generally have two years from the date of the injury to file your claim. But it’s essential to notify your employer about the injury in writing within 30 days, or you could lose your eligibility for benefits.

There are also special circumstances where the statute of limitations can be extended or shortened. For example, if the victim is a minor, the statute typically doesn’t begin to run until they turn 18. Also, certain claims against government entities may have much shorter filing deadlines, sometimes as brief as 90 days from the date of the incident.

Because there are different rules and exceptions that can apply, it’s extremely important to consult with a knowledgeable law firm like The Orlow Firm as soon as possible after your accident. We can help you understand the specific deadlines that apply to your case and take immediate action to preserve your rights. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation to determine the best course of action tailored to your situation.

Preventing Construction Accidents in Brooklyn

Prevention is always better than cure, especially in high-risk environments like construction sites in Brooklyn. The implementation of robust safety measures can significantly reduce the chances of accidents and injuries. One of the most effective ways to prevent accidents is through regular training programs that educate workers about the risks involved in their specific roles and the overall construction environment. Ensuring that all workers are well-versed in using safety equipment, including harnesses and helmets, can go a long way in reducing the risk of injuries due to falls or falling objects.

Additionally, the proper maintenance and regular inspection of machinery are crucial. Equipment malfunctions are a common cause of construction accidents, so making sure all machinery is in good working order is vital. Employers should also enforce strict safety protocols around hazardous materials to minimize risks associated with exposure to harmful substances.

Good communication among team members can prevent a myriad of accidents. Many incidents occur due to misunderstandings or lack of communication between workers and supervisors. Using a comprehensive communication system, like radios or hand signals, can help ensure that everyone is on the same page, thereby preventing avoidable accidents.

Another critical aspect of prevention is site evaluation. Before work begins, the construction site should be thoroughly assessed to identify potential risks like unstable ground, overhead power lines, or proximity to heavy traffic. This enables the implementation of necessary safety measures, such as barricades or warning signs, right from the start of the project.

While preventive measures are primarily the responsibility of employers and site managers, workers also have a role to play in maintaining their own safety. Following safety guidelines, wearing appropriate protective gear, and reporting unsafe conditions or practices to supervisors are all ways in which workers can contribute to a safer work environment.

Understanding and implementing these preventive methods can save lives and prevent long-term injuries. If you or a loved one has been affected by a construction accident, it’s crucial to consult a specialized law firm like The Orlow Firm that can help you navigate through the complexities of your case. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation to discuss the details of your situation.

Additional Resources for Victims of Brooklyn Construction Accidents

For those impacted by a construction accident in Brooklyn, gathering as much information as possible is essential for understanding your rights and options. Below are some useful resources for further information:

  • OSHA Construction Safety Topics: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers comprehensive guidelines on construction safety. You can use these resources to understand what regulations might apply to your case. OSHA Construction Safety Topics
  • New York State Workers’ Compensation Board: This site provides detailed information on how the Workers’ Compensation system works in New York, a key element in many construction accident cases. New York State Workers’ Compensation Board
  • CDC Construction Safety: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers research, statistics, and safety tips specific to construction sites. While not a legal resource, this information could be useful for understanding the broader context of construction safety. CDC Construction Safety
  • New York Department of Buildings: For those who are looking to understand local building codes and regulations, this resource offers all the necessary details. Knowledge of local laws can aid in understanding the complexities of a case. New York Department of Buildings
  • New York State Labor Laws: The New York State Senate’s official website offers complete texts of the labor laws, including those specific to construction sites. Understanding these can help you be more informed when discussing your case with a lawyer. New York State Labor Laws

Please remember that while these resources are useful for informational purposes, they are not a substitute for legal advice tailored to the specifics of your situation. For expert guidance and a comprehensive evaluation of your case, Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation with The Orlow Firm today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my case worth?
The value of your construction accident case can vary widely based on numerous factors such as the severity of your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages. Only a thorough case evaluation can provide an accurate estimate.

Do I have to go to court?
Not necessarily. Many construction accident cases are settled out of court. However, if a fair settlement is not achievable, going to court may be the best option to maximize your compensation.

What if I partly contributed to the accident?
New York follows the rule of “comparative negligence,” meaning you can still recover damages even if you were partially at fault, although your compensation may be reduced proportionally.

How much does it cost to hire The Orlow Firm?
The Orlow Firm generally works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing upfront. We only get paid if we win your case.

How quickly should I contact a lawyer?
It’s crucial to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after a construction accident. Quick action ensures that evidence is preserved and that you meet all legal deadlines.

How long does it take to resolve such cases?
The duration of a construction accident case can vary, depending on its complexity, the parties involved, and court availability. Some cases may be resolved in a few months, while others may take years.

For any more specific concerns related to your situation, Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation with The Orlow Firm.

Why Choose The Orlow Firm?

Choosing the right legal representation can make all the difference in the outcome of your construction accident case. At The Orlow Firm, our expertise in this specialized area of law sets us apart. With years of experience in representing victims of construction accidents in Brooklyn, we understand the intricate details of both New York State law and local Brooklyn ordinances. Our committed team goes above and beyond to ensure that you receive the highest level of care, personalized attention, and, most importantly, the compensation you deserve. Whether your case involves workers’ compensation, third-party claims, or both, we navigate the complex legal landscape so you don’t have to. Call (646) 647-3398 For A Free Case Evaluation to find out how The Orlow Firm can best serve you.