New York City Back Injury Lawyers

New York City Back Injury Lawyers Serving NYC

Even if a back injury is not initially severe, torn discs or injured vertebrae can result in medical complications that make it difficult to work or engage in normal physical activity. At the personal injury law office of The Orlow Firm, our attorneys work with experienced medical professionals, physical therapists, and back experts in establishing the nature and scope of our client’s injuries.

Realizing insurance companies will try and downplay a back injury or argue complications are due to a pre-existing condition, The Orlow Firm involves medical experts from the very start of a case. Using medical records and expert medical opinions, our lawyers address self-serving claims by insurance doctors that attempt to justify a reduced or denied claim regarding our client’s back injury.

Kinds of Back Injury Our New York City Clients Have Suffered

The law office of The Orlow Firm works to recover compensation for clients suffering from the following kinds of back injuries sustained in a car wreck, construction accident, pedestrian knockdown, or slip and fall accident:

  • Herniated disc
  • Crushed vertebrae
  • Lower back injury
  • Torn ligaments
  • Fractured spine

Complications and Quality of Life Issues from Back Injuries

Back injuries typically involve either injury to the muscle and tendons or injury to the spinal column. Complications can arise when an injury fails to heal properly or when damage involves the permanent loss of mobility. In both cases, qualify of life is affected as injury victims may be unable to do the things they normally do or work.

When necessary, our attorneys create day-in-the-life videos in order to explain how a back injury has affected our client’s ability to do normal, everyday activities. We make sure jurors understand how our client’s life has been changed, how it affects their family, and what their prospects are for returning to work.

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