Success Stories

When you are coming to see an attorney, it is often a trying and stressful time in your life. At The Orlow Firm, we understand that intimately. Our goal is to serve all of our clients personally and compassionately and meet their needs after a traumatic incident by obtaining all compensation to which they may be entitled. Our firm’s significant verdicts and settlements show how we have helped many injured victims throughout New York City. You will see that we are dedicated to victims’ rights, justice and recovery. Our success is marked by more than numbers. Our client testimonials show the dignity, care and passion that we bring to helping our clients overcome serious injuries and accidents caused by the negligence or carelessness of others.

Construction and Maintenance Accidents

Premises Liability: Slip and Fall

$2.875 million

$2,875,000 in a premises liability case for a legally blind man who fell 16 feet into an open elevator shaft at his residence, resulting in back and heel injuries.


$800,000 for a women who slipped and fell in front of her apartment due to water leaking from the roof of the building. She injured her neck and back which required surgery.


$675,000 for an oil repairman who slipped on ice at a school while there to repair a boiler. He injured his knee which required surgery.


More than $500,000 in a premises liability case involving negligent repair/maintenance and dangerous conditions for a hospital employee who damaged her knee after falling due to leaking water


$325,000 for a woman who was exiting her building when she tripped and fell due to a cracked step. She fractured her ankle and required surgery.


$325,000 for a woman who injured her back when she slipped and fell while working for the New York City Transit Authority due to the negligence of a third-party cleaning company


$300,000 for a client who was at a long term parking lot to drop off her car when she slipped and fell on ice that was poorly shoveled. She fractured her ankle which required surgery to correct.


$260,000 for a man who fell down on defective and poorly lit steps while exiting his job. He fractured his ankle and required surgery.


$240,000 for a home health aid who was walking down the steps in a building where she worked when she tripped on a defective step causing her to fall.  She sustained a fractured ankle that required surgery.


$187,000 for a letter carrier who tripped and fell on the front steps of a house while he was delivering mail. He hurt his shoulder and required surgery.


$175,000 for a woman who slipped and fell in a funeral home due to a defective curtain. She fractured her ankle and required surgery.


$125,000 for a man who slipped and fell while walking on the sidewalk outside a house. He required surgery for a fractured wrist.


$65,000 in a premises liability case involving negligent repair/maintenance for an apartment tenant who slipped and fell on an advertising circular in his lobby, resulting in dental injuries

Premises Liability: Negligent Security and Supervision

Premises Liability: Lead Poisoning

Premises Liability: Sidewalk

Premises Liability: Other

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Police Misconduct

Foster Home Abuse