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Case Study: Queens Car Accident Lawsuit

Accidents happen all the time, and sometimes they happen when we least expect them. In situations like the ones we are about to share, accidents can happen while we’re on the road following the rules. In this particular case, our client Eugenia Cajigas was in a car accident in New York City. She and her […]

Queens Construction Worker Injured on the Job

Queens construction site accidents are unfortunately all too common, and can sometimes lead to devastating injuries for workers. Without proper representation, these workers may not receive the compensation they deserve. People work honest jobs in order to earn for the important things in their lives. People are motivated by a lot of things – perhaps […]

Case Study: Damages Awarded to Client Struck by a Car

Verdict: $183,269 Case: Edsley Harding v. Linda Brill, No. 151022/12 Court: New York Supreme Judge: Nancy M. Bannon Date: 6/8/15 In 2011, Edsley Harding was struck by a motor vehicle while he was walking across the road at a crosswalk. The incident left harding with injuries to his back and left knee. In addition to […]

Case Study: Taxi Accident

Personal injury cases are very tricky cases as they involve more than just the plaintiff and the defendant. We understand the nature of these cases, as the plaintiff will surely want – and surely deserve – compensation for damages done to them. Our firm makes sure our client will get the best kind of treatment […]

Case Study: New York City Truck Accident

Car accidents can be tricky cases to solve as they involve numerous factors. Of course, the firm understands that the plaintiff and the defendant may have good reasons as to why their sides should win. However, we ensure our clients that our experienced truck accident lawyers will get them the best possible treatment available given […]

Case Study: Wet Floor Slip and Fall

When it comes to personal property, it is the legal responsibility of the owner of the said property to ensure that its tenants are safe and sound. This is why personal damage cases that involve being in another person’s property normally involves having to prove that the owner of the property is actually aware of […]

Case Study: New York City Slip and Fall at Work

Employees working under an enterprise or a company are the responsibility of their employers. This means employees should be working under good and stable working conditions. After all, the workplace cannot be productive if employees are exposed to dangers. As with property cases, workers who find themselves exposed to injury may sue their employers if […]

Case Study: NYC Postal Worker Slip and Fall

People who provide services on multiple establishments such as postmen are still under the responsibilities of the owners of the properties they serve. After all, it’s the legal responsibility of the owner of these establishments to ensure their properties are safe to be visited. This is also why personal damage cases involving these circumstances lead […]

Case Study: NYC Sidewalk Slip and Fall

Did you know there are actually cases where the defendant is an entire city? These cases happen when certain situations point towards a city as the one responsible for the damages that happen to the plaintiff. Good examples are services that the city should provide their citizens that, when improperly maintained, can cause injury to […]

Case Study: NYC Staircase Trip and Fall

Service jobs are noble livelihoods, as these have workers directly helping other individuals. However, there really are circumstances which service workers can be injured on the job because of improperly-maintained amenities. These amenities fall under the jurisdiction of the owner of the property they were on. Thus, personal damages to social workers – or to […]

Case Study: NYC Ceiling Falls Through

People who live in apartments will understand the predicament that are amenities that these apartment units provide. This is why the local super is there to make sure little things such as leaks and unstable foundation are fixed pronto, unless they require heavy utility assistance. However, there are situations where tenants really do suffer injury […]

Case Study: NYC Child Injured by Door

Children are very precious gifts to the world, which is why certain cases like our client here tend to be very sensitive subjects. When it comes to amenities like doors and other functional spaces in establishments, it falls under the jurisdiction of the owner of the premises to make sure these tools function in ways […]