Case Study: Queens Car Accident Lawsuit

Accidents happen all the time, and sometimes they happen when we least expect them. In situations like the ones we are about to share, accidents can happen while we’re on the road following the rules. In this particular case, our client Eugenia Cajigas was in a car accident in New York City. She and her friend were driving along a highway exit when a vehicle hit her car when clearly there was a stop sign in front of them.

Cajigas, a housewife living in the Bronx, was too surprised with what’s happened. She had her signal light on and was just checking the driveway to see if it was clear to cross, when the vehicle hit them. Her car sustained heavy damage, and all the while the driver of the other vehicle said he thought she was going to accelerate.

When she came to The Orlow Firm, we quickly set her up with one of our car accident attorneys. Our resident lawyer Brian Orlow made sure she was updated with her case, and offered free consultations. We make sure Cajigas felt comfortable every step of the way, as it is our job as practitioners in the legal field to protect the rights of our constituents.

Car accidents can be very tricky procedures, especially as there are multiple factors involved. Cajigas did not know what to do as this was the first time she was actually in an accident. Her records were spotless – she has a clean license and never hit anyone. The situation was very uncomfortable for her as she had no idea what to do.
As we told her, just because we’re not calling her back doesn’t mean we aren’t working with her case. Cajigas and our clients can call us anytime, and we will be very glad to answer your queries about your case.

Feel free to contact The Orlow Firm and speak with one of our car accident attorneys in New York City, as we are sure to provide you enough details for you to be aware of both your rights and responsibilities as a driver in New York.

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Queens Construction Worker Injured on the Job

Queens construction site accidents are unfortunately all too common, and can sometimes lead to devastating injuries for workers. Without proper representation, these workers may not receive the compensation they deserve.

People work honest jobs in order to earn for the important things in their lives. People are motivated by a lot of things – perhaps a career goal, or to help sustain their families, or to simply work because it’s their passion. However, as in the case of this particular client, sometimes work is a matter of helping families survive day-to-day living.

This particular Orlow Firm client has a son with cerebral palsy and a wife waiting for him to go back from construction work. Unfortunately, after lifting heavy objects from a basement, his arm was crushed by two metal poles. There were broken scaffolds around him, and his nose and arms were bleeding. But accidents happen, so this particular client of ours felt he had to “man up.”

However, the following night, the pain was too much to bear and he had to go to the hospital. It was only then that he was informed that his arm was actually broken, and not simply sprained. Unfortunately, our client does not have enough knowledge about how the law may help him get compensation for his injuries, and this is where The Orlow Firm steps in.

Our firm made sure to walk our client through all the processes involved and explained everything thoroughly. We explained why it was safer not to talk about legal matters without our representative with him. As accidents tend to be a sensitive case, we made sure to contact him frequently through the phone or through regular visits.

In the end, he was provided with compensation and was back to work after a period of recovery. We made sure his son with cerebral palsy also had a van for quick travel and transport.

At The Orlow Firm, we can guarantee our clients that they will be kept up to date with everything that is happening to their case. We make sure to present all available options, their perks and potential effects, before asking their decision about what to do with the case.

Should you be interested in anything about the law, please contact The Orlow Firm for a free consultation with one of our experienced New York City construction accident attorneys.

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Case Study: Damages Awarded to Client Struck by a Car

Verdict: $183,269

Case: Edsley Harding v. Linda Brill, No. 151022/12

Court: New York Supreme

Judge: Nancy M. Bannon

Date: 6/8/15

In 2011, Edsley Harding was struck by a motor vehicle while he was walking across the road at a crosswalk. The incident left harding with injuries to his back and left knee.

In addition to receiving physical therapy for his injuries, Harding also underwent knee surgery in 2012 to repair the damage.

Harding enlisted in the help of The Orlow Firm’s Adam Orlow to represent his case against Linda Brill, the motorist in the accident. Attorney Orlow contended that the injuries Harding sustained not only prevented him for continuing to work, but also left him with lingering pain.

Attorney Orlow sought recovery of past lost earnings, damages for future loss of household services, and damages for past and future pain and suffering.

Judge Bannon established that Brill was liable for the accident. The jury found that Harding sustained a serious injury, and the court’s awarded Harding damages totaling $183,269.

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Case Study: Taxi Accident

Personal injury cases are very tricky cases as they involve more than just the plaintiff and the defendant. We understand the nature of these cases, as the plaintiff will surely want – and surely deserve – compensation for damages done to them. Our firm makes sure our client will get the best kind of treatment for damages done to them.

In this particular case, our clients Shazad and Delilah suffered serious injuries after the taxi they were riding was hit by another vehicle. In ordinary circumstances, the taxi company would very well be paying for compensation and other potential treatments with insurance. However, we have to let our clients know that sometimes defendants in these cases find ways to slow cases down.

Unfortunately, these cases tend to be slowed down to such an extent that plaintiffs do not pursue the case entirely and forgo their potential compensations. When Shazad and Delilah came to the Orlow Firm, we made sure this never happened to them. We stayed on top of both the defense attorney and the insurance company to make sure the case is pursued as quickly as possible.

In the end, Shazad and Delilah were given treatment and compensation, aside from the insurance company paying for their respective surgeries. Shazad had surgery on his extremities, while Delilah was treated for neck and back problems that surfaced during the incident.

We make sure that our clients are aware of all the steps involved in their cases. The Orlow Firm schedules regular meetings via call or personal consultation periods to ensure our clients are up to date with the progress of their cases.

If you find yourself in a vehicular accident involving a service vehicle, always remember that you can pursue the company in charge of the service vehicle in order to have them treat you as part of compensation. If they refuse to do so, then feel free to contact one of our attorneys at the Orlow Firm.

People curious about certain aspects of the law can contact The Orlow Firm and its New York Office. We provide free consultation regarding all kinds of cases, and may refer you to one of our lawyers for assistance.

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Case Study: New York City Truck Accident

Car accidents can be tricky cases to solve as they involve numerous factors. Of course, the firm understands that the plaintiff and the defendant may have good reasons as to why their sides should win. However, we ensure our clients that we will get them the best possible treatment available given the facts of the case.

In this situation, a 23-year-old man was subjected to a truck accident that resulted in severe injuries. The truck actually crossed the double yellow line and hit the unsuspecting client. This happened in New York City, Manhattan, at 57th Street. This is one of the busiest streets in the city.

Our client unfortunately cannot pursue a career as a police officer. Our team was also very much aware that the truck company only had a million dollars in coverage, which will not be enough for the treatment and compensation needed by our client. To find a solution to this, instead of focusing on the truck company entirely, we tried to find a way to gain more benefits that our client deserves.

This was done by proving that the truck company and the beverage company it worked for did not have a contractor-employee relationship, but rather an employer-employee relationship. This means the beverage company should be directly responsible for the compensation of our client. This also opened a window of opportunity to request for more benefits and treatment options for our client.

In the Orlow Firm we believe in the policy of working with what we have, and we try our best to ensure our clients get the best kind of benefit and compensation possible with their respective cases.

The Orlow Firm understands the difficulty of dealing with car accidents and we can guarantee our clients that they will be updated in every step of the legal processes that are taking place. We make sure that they are made aware of the options they have depending on the progress of their respective cases.

If you are curious about the law, you can contact The Orlow Firm and its New York Office. We provide free consultation with one of our lawyers, and may provide you help regarding vehicular accident cases.

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