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Case Study: Taxi Accident

Personal injury cases are very tricky cases as they involve more than just the plaintiff and the defendant. We understand the nature of these cases, as the plaintiff will surely want – and surely deserve – compensation for damages done to them. Our firm makes sure our client will get the best kind of treatment for damages done to them.

In this particular case, our clients Shazad and Delilah suffered serious injuries after the taxi they were riding was hit by another vehicle. In ordinary circumstances, the taxi company would very well be paying for compensation and other potential treatments with insurance. However, we have to let our clients know that sometimes defendants in these cases find ways to slow cases down.

Unfortunately, these cases tend to be slowed down to such an extent that plaintiffs do not pursue the case entirely and forgo their potential compensations. When Shazad and Delilah came to the Orlow Firm, we made sure this never happened to them. We stayed on top of both the defense attorney and the insurance company to make sure the case is pursued as quickly as possible.

In the end, Shazad and Delilah were given treatment and compensation, aside from the insurance company paying for their respective surgeries. Shazad had surgery on his extremities, while Delilah was treated for neck and back problems that surfaced during the incident.

We make sure that our clients are aware of all the steps involved in their cases. The Orlow Firm schedules regular meetings via call or personal consultation periods to ensure our clients are up to date with the progress of their cases.

If you find yourself in a vehicular accident involving a service vehicle, always remember that you can pursue the company in charge of the service vehicle in order to have them treat you as part of compensation. If they refuse to do so, then feel free to contact one of our attorneys at the Orlow Firm.

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