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Slip and Fall Accident in the Workplace: A Case Study

In 2014, one in five workplace accidents took place on a construction site (source). Despite dozens of codes, regulations and laws companies are required to follow; construction sites naturally expose workers to what the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) calls the “Fatal Four.” Electrocution, struck by object, stuck between objects and, with the highest […]

Case Study: Taxi Accident

Personal injury cases are very tricky cases as they involve more than just the plaintiff and the defendant. We understand the nature of these cases, as the plaintiff will surely want – and surely deserve – compensation for damages done to them. Our firm makes sure our client will get the best kind of treatment […]

Case Study: Wet Floor Slip and Fall

When it comes to personal property, it is the legal responsibility of the owner of the said property to ensure that its tenants are safe and sound. This is why personal damage cases that involve being in another person’s property normally involves having to prove that the owner of the property is actually aware of […]

Negligent Repair & Maintenance

Elevator Accidents | New York Personal Injury Law Firm | Orlow Law

Plaintiff fell into elevator’s shaft, claimed doors malfunctioned Settlement: $2,875,000 Case: Bruce M v Saunders Apartments, Inc., Vision Enterprise Management, LLC and Skyline Elevators, Inc., No. 14074/06 Court: Queens Supreme Judge: Janice A. Taylor Date: 12/12/2008 Plantiff Attorney(s) Adam M. Orlow; The Orlow Firm, Flushing, NY DefenseAttorney(s) Patrick J. Crowe; Crowe & Fassberg, New Hyde […]