Brooklyn Tour Bus Accident Claims Attorneys

Tour buses are common sights on the streets and highways throughout New York City and the surrounding areas. Many people and organizations utilize tour buses for large group events, sightseeing and transportation to and from the region’s casinos. Unfortunately, these buses are frequently involved in accidents, leaving passengers and pedestrians seriously injured.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a tour bus accident, get help from a skilled personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. At The Orlow Firm, we use over 30 years of experience handling motor vehicle accident and other personal injury cases for clients who are from New York or tourists who were injured in New York. Our firm is sensitive to the needs of injured individuals and their families, but aggressive in our pursuit of compensation for the medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses you may have incurred as a result of someone else’s negligence.

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Brooklyn Tour Bus Accident Injuries

Whether you were in an accident riding on a tour bus or a pedestrian who was hit by a tour bus, injuries in these types of accidents are often extremely devastating due to the sheer size and weight of these vehicles. We represent clients who have suffered a range of injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Closed head injuries and concussions
  • Open head wounds
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Amputations
  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Serious lacerations and abrasions

We also handle wrongful death lawsuits for families who have lost loved ones in fatal tour bus accidents.

Tour Bus Accident Claims

Since tour buses are operated by private companies, it is important to have legal counsel on your side who do not shy away from taking on any opponent. Our firm conducts a thorough investigation into the accident in order to determine and obtain documentation detailing the causes of the accident. We can then file claims against any and all parties that may be responsible, such as the tour bus company, any companies that may have been responsible for the maintenance of the buses or the bus driver.

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Can you sure your spouse in a car accident?

Can You Sue Your Spouse for Car Accident Injuries?

If you have been injured in a car accident and the accident is your spouse’s fault, can you sue your spouse for damages? The answer, in the past, was “no”. Today, the answer is “yes”, but only if you have spousal insurance coverage. Spousal insurance is a recent addition to available New York insurance coverage. If you have been injured in an accident caused by your spouse, it is important to have an attorney who is familiar with spousal insurance provisions.

At The Orlow Firm, our attorneys have extensive experience handling car accident cases and are knowledgeable in the complex insurance issues that come into play. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by your spouse, we can help you explore your legal options and seek maximum compensation for the hardships you have suffered.

Contact our New York City law firm today to speak with an experienced New York spousal insurance lawyer.

NYC Sue Spouse Attorney

Spousal insurance coverage can be obtained from your own insurance company for a relatively low premium. However, when it comes time to collect from that policy your insurance company may try to delay or deny the compensation you are entitled to. This is where an experienced personal injury lawyer can help.

With spousal insurance coverage, you may pursue compensation for pain and suffering and other elements that would not be covered if you did not have that coverage. Our attorneys are well versed in the laws pertaining to spousal insurance coverage and know how to seek maximum compensation for our clients.

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Spring is Here, But Sidewalks Still Pose a Danger in New York City

This time of year can be especially treacherous on New York City sidewalks. Not only does the threat of slippery snow continue to exist, but the warmer temps of March can melt the snow only for it to freeze as glare ice during the night. Moreover, this constant thawing and freezing process can make sidewalks buckle and break, often leaving large holes and cracks in the sidewalk. All of these factors taken together can make this time of year one of the most dangerous for New York sidewalk accidents.

Given the potentially severe injuries that can occur from sidewalk accidents, it is important to know who can be held liable for your injuries if you unfortunately fall on a poorly maintained or slippery sidewalk.

Who is Responsible for Fixing and Cleaning NYC Sidewalks?

The legal concept of holding New York property owners and occupiers legally responsible for accidents that occur on their property is commonly known as “premise liability.” The liability of property owners varies greatly depending where the accident actually occurs – different property owners owe different duties to those on their property.

In the case of sidewalks in New York City, property owners whose property abuts the sidewalk may be held liable for injuries on that sidewalk resulting from defects in the sidewalk if the property owner creates the defect or causes it to occur because of a special use, OR, if a statute or ordinance create liability.

In the past, the City of New York was the party most often held responsible for sidewalk defects, but that all changed with the passage of a New York City Administrative Code section – specifically NYC Administrative Code section 7-210, which created liability by ordinance.

Section 7-210 effectively shifted tort liability from the City to the abutting property owner for injuries caused by the owner’s failure to maintain the sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition. The code section specifically says that failure to maintain the sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition includes “the negligent failure to install, construct, reconstruct, repave, repair or replace defective sidewalk flags and the negligent failure to remove snow, ice, dirt or other material from the sidewalk.”

As is quite clear from the language of the ordinance, a property owner may be held liable for not only failing to clear away snow and ice but also when they fail to adequately repair the sidewalk when it is unreasonably damaged. However, it is important to note that this ordinance does not apply to one-, two- or three-family homes that are owner occupied and used exclusively for residential purposes. In those situations, it is still possible for the City of New York to be liable for the injuries occurring on dangerously maintained sidewalks.

When Can Single Family Homes be Liable for Sidewalk Injuries?

Even though owner occupied residences of less than four units are not held liable by the NYC Administrative Code section, that does not mean the they can never be responsible for poorly maintained or slippery sidewalks – the creation of the ordinance didn’t erase all of the law regarding these homes that existed prior to the ordinance.

One-, two- and three-family homes can still be held liable for injuries that occurred on the abutting sidewalk if they created the dangerous condition or defect, or caused it to occur because of some special use of the sidewalk.

For example, if an abutting property owner breaks chunks out of the sidewalk by driving vehicles or special equipment on the sidewalk they can be held liable for any injury that occurs because of those missing pieces, even if it is a single family home. Also, if the abutting property owner throws water out onto the sidewalk, only for it to freeze, they can also be potentially liable for any injuries that occur because of the ice.

As for liability being attached by special use, imagine a property owner who installs and embeds a water shut-off valve for their private residence in the sidewalk abutting their property. If someone has an accident because of that valve, the property owner may be held responsible.

As this article illustrates, liability for sidewalk accidents is quite complicated in New York City – with even the slightest variation in circumstances leading to a completely different result. If anything, these complex legal issues only further the need to contact an experienced personal injury attorney if you have been injured in a sidewalk accident.

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What if the Car Causing Your Accident has Little or No Insurance?

When is the last time you took a good look at your auto insurance policy? Are you aware that you might be at risk of devastating medical expenses if you are seriously injured by a driver with little or no insurance?

Recently, the New York State legislature sought to remedy this problem by passing the supplementary uninsured/underinsured motorist (SUM) bill. The legislation is currently under review by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office. The bill is supported by many legal organizations. The insurance industry vigorously opposes it.

Uninsured Motorist Claims

In 1939, New York became one of the first states to enact coverage that shields New York motorists against uninsured or underinsured drivers. The purpose was to protect New York residents against car accidents caused by uninsured vehicles registered within or outside of New York State as well as vehicles that are stolen, unregistered, or that have left the scene of the accident.

Under the existing law, insurance companies charge every New York driver for uninsured motorist coverage in the amount of $25,000/$50,000. Insurers have no obligation to offer any coverage over the mandatory minimum. It is up to the individual driver to request a higher level of protection, and many are unaware that they have the option of improved coverage.

About The New Legislation

Under the new legislation, drivers will automatically be charged for SUM coverage in the same amount as the policy’s liability coverage. For example, if you are carrying a $100,000 liability policy, your SUM coverage will automatically match it. If you want your SUM coverage to be lower than your liability, you must specifically choose to decline the higher rate of protection.

Supporters of the legislation argue that it preserves consumer choice, protects motorists and saves taxpayer money that might otherwise be spent on Medicaid or other public benefits when accident victims are hurt by uninsured and underinsured drivers. Opponents of the bill, most notably in the insurance industry, say that it interferes with consumer choice, forcing motorists to opt out of unwanted coverage rather than opting into a higher level of protection if they want it. Insurers predict that companies will be obligated to raise insurance rates because of the additional liability and that consumers will end up paying a lot more for their auto policies.

There are convincing arguments on both sides of the issue. But consider this statistic: as many as 8 percent of New York State drivers are uninsured. This poses a serious risk to all insured motorists, especially in light of the assumption that a driver who is uninsured is far less likely to respect the safety of other people on the road.

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NYC pedestrian accidents spur outcry over preventable deaths

Frequent pedestrian deaths have New York City residents demanding improved safety. Many find government’s response lacking.

Pedestrian injuries and deaths due to accidents on the streets of New York City are all too common. The issue has become such a sore spot across all the boroughs that it sparked the city council to pass a package of bills aimed at improving street safety. Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the measures into law a few weeks back and says the intent of all the measures is to support what he calls Vision Zero — an initiative to eliminate traffic-related fatalities.

Some might wonder whether such action is needed. After all, according to The New York Times, city data indicates that deaths from traffic accidents have been on the decline since 1990. More than 700 deaths were reported that year. By 2000, only 381 had been reported. And by 2011, the number of fatalities had fallen to 249.

Still, there are plenty of official statistics to show that traffic accidents remain a pernicious problem. They reportedly show that a New Yorker suffers serious injury or death every two hours as a result of a crash. Some 4,000 people are hurt and more than 250 are killed every year.

The non-profit Tri-State Transportation Campaign has been studying the problem in depth for the past several years and it reports that between 2010 and 2012, 420 pedestrians have been killed in city traffic accidents. The group has even ranked the most dangerous streets. Broadway in Manhattan is number one with nine fatalities. Woodhaven Boulevard in Queens is number two with eight.

An epidemic of traffic fatalities

The 11-bill package recently signed by the mayor seeks to end what one city council leader calls “an epidemic of traffic fatalities” and serious injuries. Among other things, the bundled measures direct the Department of Transportation to undertake more studies and produce regular reports on traffic flow issues and signal problems.

One calls for the creation of seven Neighborhood Slow Zones through this year and next. It would also lower speed limits to between 15 and 20 mph in areas near 50 schools. Another of the measures would result in taxi and limo drivers who are cited for traffic violations that result in someone being critically injured or killed having their licenses suspended. Yet another lists an array of penalties against drivers of any vehicles that fail to yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.

The mayor has also proposed lowering the default speed limit in the city at 25 mph from the current 30 mph. The idea has already won the approval of the state legislature.

Department of Transportation officials won’t say whether some or all the ideas in the plan will be implemented. A spokesman insists that safety is the top DOT priority and that the agency will continue to work with communities to consider all options.

What is clear from all that has been reported is that the public is on high alert and demanding action. Pedestrian accidents happen suddenly and often are the result of driver incompetence, distraction or recklessness. The risks of suffering injuries such as broken bones, brain trauma or wrongful death while simply walking down the street are higher than ever.

Anyone who falls victim to such circumstances should know what their rights are regarding the seeking of compensation. The way to do that is by contacting an experienced personal injury attorney.

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