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Case Study: New York City Truck Accident

Car accidents can be tricky cases to solve as they involve numerous factors. Of course, the firm understands that the plaintiff and the defendant may have good reasons as to why their sides should win. However, we ensure our clients that our experienced truck accident lawyers will get them the best possible treatment available given the facts of the case.

In this situation, a 23-year-old man was subjected to a truck accident that resulted in severe injuries. The truck actually crossed the double yellow line and hit the unsuspecting client. This happened in New York City, Manhattan, at 57th Street. This is one of the busiest streets in the city.

Our client unfortunately cannot pursue a career as a police officer. Our team was also very much aware that the truck company only had a million dollars in coverage, which will not be enough for the treatment and compensation needed by our client. To find a solution to this, instead of focusing on the truck company entirely, we tried to find a way to gain more benefits that our client deserves.

This was done by proving that the truck company and the beverage company it worked for did not have a contractor-employee relationship, but rather an employer-employee relationship. This means the beverage company should be directly responsible for the compensation of our client. This also opened a window of opportunity to request for more benefits and treatment options for our client.

In the Orlow Firm we believe in the policy of working with what we have, and we try our best to ensure our clients get the best kind of benefit and compensation possible with their respective cases.

The Orlow Firm understands the difficulty of dealing with car accidents and we can guarantee our clients that they will be updated in every step of the legal processes that are taking place. We make sure that they are made aware of the options they have depending on the progress of their respective cases.

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