Case Study: NYC Ceiling Falls Through

People who live in apartments will understand the predicament that are amenities that these apartment units provide. This is why the local super is there to make sure little things such as leaks and unstable foundation are fixed pronto, unless they require heavy utility assistance. However, there are situations where tenants really do suffer injury from improperly-maintained amenities. These fall under the jurisdiction of the apartment head as he or she should maintain the safety of his or her tenants with proper maintenance.

In this particular case, our client is a tenant in an apartment that was injured by a collapsed ceiling. Our client was just taking a shower when the ceiling all of a sudden collapsed above her. She sustained injuries that eventually needed surgeries.

When the case was taken to the Orlow Firm, our team of experts gradually found out through testimonies from neighbors and actual photo evidence that the apartment was in fact bothered by a persistent water leak that was not repaired properly.

While maintenance was done to the leaked areas, the actual leaking – probably from a pipe – was not fixed. Rather, the wet ceilings were simply patched up. The leakages were in fact very long standing that it did not come from the ceiling of our client, but in fact from the ceiling of the tenant above her.

The accumulated water may have forced the ceiling to collapse on top of our client, resulting to injuries and the eventual surgery. Our firm was able to prove that there was gross negligence on part of the apartment management, and was able to resolve the case in favor of the client.

Our lawyers and experts at the Orlow Firm will ensure that our clients are well aware of the various options available to them in these situations. Our team will make sure clients are up to date and are regularly contacted to be made aware of the current situation and progress of their cases.

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