Case Study: New York City Slip and Fall at Work

Employees working under an enterprise or a company are the responsibility of their employers. This means employees should be working under good and stable working conditions. After all, the workplace cannot be productive if employees are exposed to dangers. As with property cases, workers who find themselves exposed to injury may sue their employers if they can prove that the company facilities are themselves inadequate to provide a safe environment.

In this video, our client is a student working on a side job as a cleaner in a school. In the bathroom of the building she was assigned to clean, she slipped and suffered a grave knee injury due to a leakage in the ceiling. It was discovered that the ceiling did in fact have this problem before and the school was not able to resolve this properly.

Given that our client is an outside contractor, the school is responsible to maintain a safe environment for her to work on. This was when our team at the Orlow Firm decided to pursue a case against the school for not being able to maintain safe working conditions for workers like our clients.

Unfortunately, it was also revealed that other co-workers of our client are in fact aware of the leakage and have tried many times to have the school address the problem. However, all these attempts failed and have resulted in the injury of our client. We were able to arrive with a decision favorable to our client, and the school was able to compensate our client. She has now had knee surgery and is currently recovering.

We at the Orlow Firm ensures that our clients are made aware of their rights as workers, regardless of their situation. Our team of experts will make sure that our clients are up to date with the progress of their respective cases, ensure they are well-compensated, and help avoid these injury cases from happening again.

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