Case Study: NYC Staircase Trip and Fall

Service jobs are noble livelihoods, as these have workers directly helping other individuals. However, there really are circumstances which service workers can be injured on the job because of improperly-maintained amenities. These amenities fall under the jurisdiction of the owner of the property they were on. Thus, personal damages to social workers – or to anyone – visiting the property should be the responsibility of the owners of the property.

In this particular case, our client was working as a home health worker. Unfortunately, she tripped and fell on the job as a result of stepping on a damaged staircase with a missing piece. The client sustained injuries that rendered her unable to work for a long time as it required her to undergo surgery.

In fact the damages were severe as our client suffered a fractured lower leg, requiring metal implants to ensure her leg is corrected. Our firm pursued the building for charges of negligence as it appears there is a failure of repairing the said staircase, and it was revealed that the building managers were not in fact able to maintain the staircase properly.

After a few meetings between our firm and the building managers eventually secured a $240,000 settlement for our client, which proved enough to provide payment for her treatment and other reasonable compensation.

Should you find yourself in situations like these, it is helpful to remember that it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the place where someone is working or visiting is safe enough for usage. This means negligence on part of the property owner may require him or her to pay for compensation for damages.

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